REPORT Trump Might Stay In The Paris Treaty

  • 09/17/2017
  • Source: NY Post
  • by: Marisa Schultz
REPORT Trump Might Stay In The Paris Treaty
WASHINGTON – President Trump could stay in the Paris climate accord if certain “conditions” are met, according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

“I think under the right conditions,” Tillerson told CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday on the chance of the US staying in the agreement. “The president said he’s open to finding those conditions where we can remain engaged with others on what we all agree is still a challenging issue.”

Trump pledged on June 1 that the US would withdraw from the agreement because it hinders American businesses and he would seek a better deal.

The withdrawal from the 2015 agreement was panned by environmentalists and the US’ international partners, but Trump won praise from his base on following through with a campaign pledge.
 Source: NY Post

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