Republicans Chances In 2018 Are Better Than We Think

Republicans Chances In 2018 Are Better Than We Think
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In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats and their cohorts in the anti-Trump media are giddy about 2018. After Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania’s recent special election, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna proclaimed: “Let it be known that the blue wave of 2018 began in Pennsylvania with Conor’s victory.”

The liberal media certainly agrees. CNN’s Chris Cillizza recently claimed Democrats have a “much better chance of retaking the House in 2018” than they did two weeks ago. Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum was even more blunt, claiming “Republicans are terrified about the 2018 midterms” and predicting a “surge” at the state level.

They could all use a dose of humility. According to the FiveThirtyEight Generic Ballot, the Democrats’ lead over Republicans is slowly narrowing. Last December, Democrats led Republicans by a 14-point margin (50 percent to 36 percent). As of this week, their lead has shrunk to six points (46 percent to 40 percent). Fox News has the lead at five points, while Quinnipiac University’s pollsters peg it at just four points.

In nautical terms, a four- to six-point advantage is barely a ripple, let alone a “blue wave.” Republicans should take a deep breath and count their blessings in 2018. Despite the prevailing media narrative, there are many of them.

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