Senator Offers Ingenious Proposal To Pay For The Wall

  • 2018-05-17
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Senator Offers Ingenious Proposal To Pay For The Wall
The wall is one of the most important topics that the Trump Administration focuses on. And one of President Trump's signature campaign promises was that it will be built and American taxpayers will not foot the bill. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy took this seriously and has come out with a proposal to make it a reality.

According to Town Hall:

One of President Trump’s signature promises from his 2016 campaign was to build that “tall, beautiful wall.” Often, he would receive loud, raucous praise when he talked about it. Trump has been in office for almost a year and a half now. He has received expected pushback from Democrats. But he has also felt resistance from some Republicans. Both parties have been stingy with funding, leaving very few options. However, Sen. Bill Cassidy recently proposed a creative idea.

Sen. Cassidy suggested that money seized from drug cartels should be used to fund the wall. It is a simple idea that could work. 

Asset seizures have been a method law enforcement has used for a while. If an item is determined to be used in criminal enterprise whether that is a stash house, money, vehicles, firearms, home security systems, televisions, or anything else, officers will seize the items. After the case is decided, the pieces are sold at auction, and the agency keeps the money. 

Law enforcement agencies will also use seized drug money for buying new equipment or assets for their departments. They will purchase new vehicles, bullet-resistant vests, firearms, and other unique items that are needed. 

Making criminals who create most of the border problems in the first place pay for the wall is an idea most people can get behind.

 Source: TTN

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