SHOCK REPORT: 'Lying' Comey Calls Trump A Mob Boss

  • 2018-04-11
  • Source: Axios
  • by: Axios Staff
SHOCK REPORT: 'Lying' Comey Calls Trump A Mob Boss
A source present at the taping says James Comey's interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. as a "20/20" special, is "going to shock the president and his team."

The source said Comey's comments, in his first interview since being fired by President Trump last May, will generate headlines and "certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump."

In an ABC promo, Stephanopoulos says Comey compared Trump to a mob boss.


The Comey interview left people in the room stunned — he told George things that he’s never said before.
 Source: Axios

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