The Media Said Trump Insulted Japanese Auto Manufacturers, They Were Wrong

The Media Said Trump Insulted Japanese Auto Manufacturers, They Were Wrong
President Donald Trump's first official state visit to Asia is going fairly swimmingly (though there might be a few overfed Koi that would disagree — literally), but that doesn't mean the media is at all interested in portraying Trump's visit to Japan as a roaring success. In fact, they've been bending over backwards to tell a totally different story.

On Monday, Trump appeared with a host of Japanese and American business leaders at a conference in Tokyo. While there, Trump made what appeared to be a joke at the expense of Japanese auto-makers, which the media — including CNN, which has already deceptively edited a video of Trump feeding the palace fish — claimed demonstrated Trump's ignorance on the subject of car manufacturing.


The "just facts" network crowed, "Japanese automakers have tried: The country's big three car companies already have huge factories in the U.S., and their production in the country is at a record high." — as if Trump were unaware of how deeply, and internationally, integrated the auto-making industry really is.

In fact, Trump is aware — and a full reading of his speech indicates that he might actually be more aware than CNN. According to Trump's full remarks, the President not only acknowledged a U.S.-Japanese partnership in auto manufacturing, he specifically praised several automakers present for their stateside production, He even thanks two automakers by name for their American production plans (emphasis ours).
 Source: Daily Wire

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