Trump Ends This Pointless Obama Policy

  • 08/30/2017
  • Source: Daily Wire
  • by: Robert Kraychik
Trump Ends This Pointless Obama Policy
The White House has halted an Obama administration plan for businesses to collect data on how much they pay workers of different sexes, races, and ethnicities.

The frozen regulation would have directly affected businesses with over 100 employees and federal contractors with over 50 employees.

Neomi Rao, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which analyzes the cost of federal rules and regulations, said, “We don’t believe it would actually help us gather information about wage and employment discrimination. It’s enormously burdensome.”

Ivanka Trump, who regularly pushes feminist narratives including the “gender wage gap,” expressed support via a statement for the White House’s change:
 Source: Daily Wire

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