Trump Erases This Part Of The Obama's Legacy

Trump Erases This Part Of The Obama's Legacy

The beginning of the Trump administration has been punctuated by the toppling of many Obama-era regulations.

Trump has regularly basked in the continual reversal of Obama policies via executive order by his administration. One of the most controversial regulation legacies of the Obama administration was their school lunch reform program. The National School Lunch Program sets guidelines for lunches across the country, and First lady Michelle Obama severely restricted the calorie and sugar contents of the program, which led to reports of school children being hungry and malnourished.

Now, one of the favorite lunchtime staples banned by the Michelle Obama rules is getting back into the lunchtime rotation of America’s public schools.

Chocolate milk with 1 percent fat will again be available to public school children after new rules are enacted by the Trump administration. The rules set fourth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will allow flavored milk with 1 percent fat back into school cafeterias nationwide after flavored milk that was not non-fat was banned for years under the Obama rules.
 Source: Daily Caller

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