Trump's Border Wall Is Becoming A Reality

  • 10/19/2017
  • Source: azcentral
  • by: Rafael Carranza
Trump's Border Wall Is Becoming A Reality
SAN DIEGO — Workers toiled in intense 95-degree heat here Tuesday, putting final touches on eight possible versions of President Donald Trump's long-promised border wall.

As an Oct. 26 deadline to finish the prototype border-wall designs drew near, The Arizona Republic toured the construction site a few dozen yards from the border that divides this city from neighboring Tijuana, Mexico.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded eight contracts to six companies, including two from Arizona, to build the prototypes. Four are made of reinforced concrete, and another four incorporate additional construction materials. Construction began on Sept. 26, giving companies 30 days to finish.

By Tuesday afternoon, when CBP allowed The Republic access to the site, five of the wall designs had already been completed and were fenced off with caution tape.

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 Source: azcentral

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