Trump's New Interview With Fox News Will Air Tonight

Trump's New Interview With Fox News Will Air Tonight
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
President Donald Trump's interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs airing Wednesday night will be his 19th with the right-leaning news network since taking office, surpassing the 18 interviews he has done with all other outlets combined.

According to data from CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, Trump has done four interviews with the New York Times, three each with Reuters and NBC, two each with the Wall Street Journal and CBN, and one apiece with the Washington Post, ABC, CBS and the Associated Press.

Trump has done no exclusive interviews with CNN since taking office in January. CNN's Brian Stelter noted the numbers in his "Reliable Sources" media newsletter.

Trump's sit-down with Dobbs, an open supporter of the president, follows a trend of other friendly interviews with Sean Hannity and the hosts of "Fox and Friends."
 Source: Washington Free Beacon

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