Trump Tweet Triggers Comey Ally

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Trump Tweet Triggers Comey Ally
The president prompted a massive freakout by Comey's aid, Josh Campbell. With what? Just a little tweet. 

The Daily Wire reports: 

President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm late on Tuesday when he potentially revealed new information that, if true, would be a major development in the timeline of events regarding when the FBI's counterintelligence operation into the Trump campaign began.

"Wow, Strzok-Page, the incompetent & corrupt FBI lovers, have texts referring to a counter-intelligence operation into the Trump Campaign dating way back to December, 2015," Trump tweeted. "SPYGATE is in full force! Is the Mainstream Media interested yet? Big stuff!"

ZERO, repeat, ZERO indication this cited passage refers to the Trump campaign, Russia, or anything election-related. I’m the last one to give Page or Strzok the benefit of the doubt, but there is ZERO indication these texts from December 2015 are referring to the President.

— Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) June 6, 2018

Trump appears to have gotten the information from Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, who appeared on Fox News Business with host Lou Dobbs.

#DeepStateObstruction- @JudicialWatch’s Chris Farrell: There was a concerted effort by FBI agents to attack & undermine candidate @realDonaldTrump. It’s indisputable & violation of law. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #DTS #Dobbs

— Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) June 5, 2018
It would seem that the president triggered the Deep State lackey, who's out to rehabilitate his disgraced boss. President Trump hasn't backed down on Comey, and surely won't over his underling. 

 Source: TTN

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