Trump Urges Congress To Do More With Tax Reform

  • 2017-11-13
  • Source: The Hill
  • by: Naomi Jagoda
Trump Urges Congress To Do More With Tax Reform
President Trump on Monday weighed in on congressional Republicans' tax reform efforts, calling for legislation to repeal ObamaCare's individual mandate and cut the top individual tax rate to 35 percent.
"I am proud of the Rep. House & Senate for working so hard on cutting taxes {& reform.} We’re getting close!" Trump tweeted.
"Now, how about ending the unfair & highly unpopular Indiv Mandate in OCare & reducing taxes even further? Cut top rate to 35% w/all of the rest going to middle income cuts?"

Trump, who is currently in the Philippines for the last leg of his 12-day tour of Asia, has repeatedly called for the tax legislation to include a repeal of the individual mandate in recent weeks. Repeal of the mandate is not in either the House or Senate bills, but GOP lawmakers say the issue is still under discussion.

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 Source: The Hill

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