WATCH This GOP Senator Offers Strong Support For Trump's Accomplishments

GOP Senator Tom Cotton showed his support for President Donald Trump Tuesday when he said the president is “getting things right” during an interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“The American people elected Donald Trump to be our commander-in-chief, and if we want to keep our country safe and secure, it’s important the the commander-in-chief succeed. And I think that Donald Trump by and large is getting things right,” Cotton said.

The Arkansas Republican said Trump’s approach to foreign policy is a vast improvement from former president Barack Obama, specifically citing the dismantling of the Iran deal.

“He’s certainly much more consistent with decades of bipartisan foreign policy leadership than Barack Obama was for the last eight years. So when the president does things like tells Congress and tells our allies that the Iran deal is not in the United States’ national security interest, I’m going to support him,” Cotton concluded.
 Source: Daily Caller

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