Make America Great Again: Company Announces YOOJ News

Donald Trump continues his quest to make America great again. After he questioned the cost of Air Force One, it appears Lockheed listened:

After meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson said the company is close to a deal to bring down the cost of its F-35 aircraft, and will also be adding 1,800 jobs to its Fort Worth plant.

“I certainly share his views that we need to get the best capability to our men and women in uniform, and we have to get it at the lowest possible price,” Hewson told reporters in Trump Tower.

Trump has been critical of the company recently, saying last month on Twitter that the F-35 program’s costs were “out of control.” He also said he was asking Boeing if it could offer a less expensive alternative.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to tell him that we are close to a deal that will bring the cost down significantly from the previous lot of aircraft to the next lot of aircraft and moreover it’s going to bring a lot of jobs to the United States,” Hewson said. 

Tackling the F-35 boondoggle is an important part of helping to fix what’s wrong with defense. The days of writing blank checks to Boeing and Lockheed are over. We’re happy to see that.


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