Muslim Immigrants Laugh as they Decapitate Swedish Woman

A group of Middle Eastern and Northern African teen refugees committed a gruesome double-murder in a Swedish suburb—and reportedly laughed about it when arrested.

The murder, which took place in the Swedish town of Hallonbergen, was described by Sweden’s media as “brutal.” The victims were a still-unnamed couple, who were the parents of young children. They were found stabbed to death in their apartment—and the wife’s throat had been slit to the point where she was nearly decapitated.

Just an hour after the murder, police arrested four men—described as Middle Eastern or Northern African, aged between 15 and 21.

The four men were reportedly high on marijuana when they were taken into custody, and showed no remorse for their crime—instead just sitting in the police station and laughing about it.

Sweden has seen violent crime levels skyrocket in recent years—largely committed by some of the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa that had been welcomed into Europe.

  1. If the Swedes want to put a stop to it is have a trial where they are found guilty of a double murder taken out into a courtyard in front of as many muslims as possible and hung while their friends and parents watch. then take their families and put them on the first airplane back to their home country.

  2. Sad to say, but it would appear that Sweden has been “castrated”. This is just another in a long line of violence they won’t do anything about, such as the MANY brutal rapes of their women by men like this… and we are soon to follow if things don’t change.


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