Privileged Son of Top Dem Arrested at Anti-Trump Rally

Liberalism is a mental disorder, and now it’s infecting the highest levels of the American government. Tim Kaine’s “fortunate son” took time away from his local drum circle this week to get all rowdy at an anti-Trump protest. As the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports:

It took three cops and a chemical spray to subdue the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate, Saturday after he was identified as one of the counter-protesters who allegedly used fireworks to disrupt a rally in support of President Donald Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, and four others were arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot after the “March 4 Trump” rally in St. Paul; a sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct. Counter-protesters clashed with Trump supporters in the Capitol rotunda after they disrupted the proceedings with air horns, whistles and chants. At one point, someone set off a smoke bomb.

Linwood Kaine, a Minneapolis resident who attended Carleton College and goes by Woody, resisted arrest when confronted by officers outside the Capitol grounds, according to a St. Paul police spokesman. He was released from the Ramsey County jail on Tuesday morning pending further investigation, law enforcement officials said.

Kaine’s not being charged, but according to the Pioneer Press, Kaine refused an order to get on the ground, “squared off” with an officer, and then continued to resist after being sprayed with a chemical. 

Say what you will, but if Kaine were black, and not some Sandalista, Trustafarian douchecanoe with an important dad, he’d probably be dead. At the very least, he’d be facing a stint in a really sketchy prison. 

Seriously, look at this goon. Did they hide him on the campaign trail? What are the odds he voted for Bernie? Thanksgiving must have been AWKWARD.


  1. His father is a totally useless liberal so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Too bad they didn’t good whipping to shape him up.

    1. You’re exactly right when you say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The kid looks like a varmint, and his father, who’s the senator our state of Virginia is stuck with, acts like a varmint!

  2. I wish President Trump would sign an executive order giving us hydrochloroquine instead of stimulus checks which we will have to pay back anyway. If we all took hydrochloroquine, the # of cases should be going down, if they are counted correctly to begin with (which I doubt). I can just hear the noise coming from the media and Demwits if he were to do that

    1. When President Trump speaks about a “Vaccine” that shall be distributed, watch the space! He has a surprise coming. HCQ could be part of his plan. He is fully aware of Gates and Fauci s plan to depopulate the World with toxic Vaccines 🙂 He has to sue code language because of the swampers

    2. Trump made it possible for us to purchase HydrochloroquineHydroxychoroquine directly from overseas manufacturers. Many have already purchased it from India and a few other sources (online M.D. for a prescription) It’s not expensive. Everyone should have it on hand…just in case.

  3. Just look at the eyes and mouths of all these liberal nutcases. They all have that malevolent hatred in their eyes. Look at someone who loves the Lord, his family and Country!


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