Kellyanne Conway Gets Harassed At Airport, Here’s What Happens Next

Kellyanne Conway flew into Washington Reagan Airport Monday at 6 p.m. only to be greeted by a heckler with a sharp tongue. A source on the scene said two members of the Secret Service had to hold President Trump‘s counselor back from yelling at the white male who was mouthing off at her as she was walking out of an airport terminal.

Conway, who has previously played nice when strangers get obnoxious with her in public, has finally had it.

According to Washington paparazzi photog Mark Wilkins, Conway was approximately 20 feet away from the man who shouted at her, “Keep trashing America.”

Conway ripped the guy, saying, “I like the way you talk shit while I’m walking away.”

  1. Love you Kellyanne. Way to go girl! Don’t take any crap from the douchebags and the commies….Ted.

  2. As long as there remain outlets for true reporting and comment people will rally to Trump and the conservative viewpoint once these outlets are shut down what we see and hear will only be what we are allowed to see and hear. Sickening to see this wonderful nation brought down by lies and violence once the ones who want to deny individual freedom get into power they may never again removed from power Then God help this nation and this world

  3. We need more like Kellyanne in Washington
    Strong woman, intellectually heads above the crowd and stands her ground for what is right.

    Go girl

  4. Kellyanne you are the bomb. Keep up letting the american’s know the truth about what the democrats/fake news have been doing to us for years. Your helping President Trump “CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP”. Your the best!!

  5. When one side has no ideas, they then resort to insults and violence, as in Kellyanne Conway’s harasser’s comments. No substance, only insults.

  6. Mark Wilkins your low class everybody’s next one mamma raised a rude, obnoxious, ignorant liberal momma’s boy with no class. You get off bullying woman? Anytime you want to grow a pair and find how tough you are with a man let me know punk ass loser.


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