The Reason For All The Leaks In The Trump Administration Is Finally Revealed

Calls are growing for President Trump to “clean house” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, after a series of leaks aimed at embarrassing and undermining the president sprung from the White House this week.

A White House source estimates more than 60 percent of employees at the National Security Council are not Trump administration appointees, but career officials who were appointed to the White House from other agencies under the Obama administration.

The source said there are “whole departments” at the NSC with only one Trump appointee.

“I think the lesson here is that these things are going to continue to happen until the Trump White House does a serious housecleaning,” said Fred Fleitz, a former CIA and Bush administration official.

  1. As far as I can see PRESIDENT TRUMP must DUMP. He should have done that long ago. Anyone appointed by OBUMMER is surely a TRAITOR TO LIBERTY AND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITION. By the way, He Is The President, and he should be referred to as President trump, not just TRUMP.

    Navy Senior Chief, Retired


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