Democrats Have a ‘Plan B’ to Biden


It’s no secret former Vice President Joe Biden has a penchant for awkward moments in the limelight. Compound that with the fact the former Vice President has lost a step – including multiple incomprehensible statements on the campaign trail – and now you’ve built a wall of worry for the Democrats.

For instance, just yesterday Biden made a non-sensical comment when asked by “The View” if he was concerned when Trump said, “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself”.

Biden responded, “we have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what…no matter what.”


This comment, as awkward as it is, is a symptom of a larger problem of whether or not Biden can hold up under the spotlight of being the (presumptive) Democratic nominee for President.

This has Democrats on a scramble to find a “Plan B”. According to The National Review, Democrats are publicly exploring the option of swapping New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in for Joe Biden:

Some Democrats are openly talking up New York governor Andrew Cuomo, whose profile has soared during the crisis, as a Biden stand-in. Yesterday, a Draft Cuomo 2020 account on Twitter announced that “Times have changed & we need Gov. Cuomo to be the nominee. Our next POTUS must be one w/an ability to lead thru this crisis.”

Democrats are increasingly worried that Joe Biden will have trouble being relevant and compelling in the long four months between now and when he is nominated in July. Lloyd Constantine, who was a senior policy adviser to New York governor Eliot Spitzer from 2007 to 2008, puts it bluntly: “Biden is a melting ice cube. Those of us who have closely watched as time ravaged the once sharp or even brilliant minds of loved ones and colleagues, recognize what is happening to the good soldier Joe.”

Cuomo, 62, is serving his third term as Governor of New York. Prior to serving as Governor, Cuomo served as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Clinton and as New York Attorney General.

The Cuomo family is deeply rooted in politics. His father, Mario, served as Governor of New York in the ’80s and flirted with a Presidential candidacy. His brother, Chris is a host for CNN.

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