Why Real Americans are Always Forced to Clean Up After Blue City Chaos

Hungryogrephotos via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a rule of politics: the left always runs away from the messes they make. It’s why Soviet propaganda always reported there was never any starvation or disease in Moscow.

Readers don’t need to be reminded who controls the cities where all the worst violence is taking place. Like Baltimore back in 2015, the preferred approach to law enforcement in these little bleeding-heartistans is to give violent leftist extremists “room to destroy.”

Just like the rioters, though, residents of these cities don’t seem too eager to take responsibility for the state of their cities. Instead, they’re fleeing in droves – Minneapolis and New York City, both liberal bastions, have both seen spikes in their real estate markets in the last few weeks, from houses going up for sale and renters breaking contracts. I guess somebody else will have to clean up after their poor decisions in the voting booth.

Do you know who isn’t fleeing their countries and neighborhoods? The dumb rubes who Obama said “cling to their Bibles and guns.” All of us out here in “flyover country.”

It’s no utopia – Donald Trump was elected mostly because of the difficulties that normal Americans face in the space between the blue cities – but that’s the thing about normal Americans, we don’t try to build a utopia, we just try to make it work.

That’s exactly what has made Trump successful, and why after half a century stuttering, sputtering, and stealing other people’s speeches, Creepy Joe can’t articulate a coherent thought.

Donald Trump has spent his life achieving the possible and building with what he had, taking the punches when he needed to and starting over. Creepy Joe, like every other career politician, Republican or Democrat, built his career on bad magic tricks (“FREE Healthcare!”) and cowardly flight.

Right now phony Republicans around the country rush to argue why BLM and Antifa terrorists are justified in yanking down statues – and in doing so, they’re conceding ground, appeasing, and running away from the mess they’ve created.

Donald Trump isn’t going to run away. He proved that with his rally in Tulsa, and with his announcement of increased sentences for those who would dare to tear down our history – every American’s history, in the figures of George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Junipero Sera – all of whom have had memorials defaced or destroyed in the last few weeks by mobs of violent, leftist rioters.

He’s now the only thing standing between us and the consequences of swamp-style governing around the country. While other Republicans are bending the knee to the media cartels and Democrat terror campaigns, Donald Trump leads by example: stand up, America!


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