Donald Trump Pulls the Rug Out from Under the Left Again

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons



Another round of stimulus looks like it’s on the way – concrete moves are being taken to deliver it. The first stimulus was a stroke of political genius that only Trump could do. Tax cuts are great, but Donald Trump is the first President of any party to give a stimulus package directly to the American people via cash payments.

He’s revealed the socialist left to be the liars they are – always promising the world but only taking from real Americans, never giving back.

As the media cartels are starting to push the Wuhan virus again, and Democrat-controlled states are still refusing to let the elderly and the ill see their families, or for the dead to have a decent burial, Americans look to our President for help and guidance.

People out of work need help, a hand-up, just to keep them standing until they can put themselves back to work. Six decades of Democrat promises, from FDR onward, have never delivered to ordinary Americans the support they need – just more government programs that cost taxpayers money and can never be repealed.

Trump is different – the stimulus bills he has championed are one-time solutions to one-time problems, not utopia-building pipe dreams like the socialist left has been selling since the 1940s. It’s how government aid is supposed to work – and never does.

The best part? All the Democrat promises of really caring about the poor and downtrodden haven’t accomplished even a fraction of what the Trump stimulus is doing – real money in the hands of real people, to cancel debt, tide over businesses, get the leg-up they need, and keep the economy going while the left tries to tear it down for their socialist-anarchist utopia.

Let’s just hope the RINOs and leftist swamp creatures don’t screw this up. Either way, we all know where the real help is always going to come from – not from corrupt Congress and not the traitorous Supreme Court, but from our President.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.


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