Trump is RIGHT and Silicon Valley is WRONG; Here’s Why

Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons


Political attorney Dan Backer recently explained how Trump is right on his stance with free speech and Silicon Valley is wrong.

According to Issues & Insights:

They’re not the only ones suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. In recent weeks, anti-Trump “Republicans” and left-wing activists have lambasted Zuckerberg’s free speech stance, namely because he happens to defend viewpoints they disagree with. Most recently, faux-Republican Joe Scarborough criticized Zuckerberg for “promoting extremism” on his platform. In Scarborough’s words: “Extreme” viewpoints (read: anything to the right of his own viewpoints) only “undermine American democracy.”

Backer explains that the right to free speech exists for those on both sides of the aisle and for all Americans with no exceptions.

The more speech we have, the more robust our political discussions and debates become. The more speech we have, the stronger our political system becomes. And for all the Social Justice Karen’s out there: No, hate speech is not an exception—it is precisely the speech you hate and want censored that is most protected.

De-platforming those we disagree with is the road to tyranny. The hallmark of our political system is debating and even disagreeing with others, but never denying their right to speak.

President Trump is being the grown-ups in a room, while the Scarborough’s of the world become little more than screaming Karen’s. By hitting back at online censorship, President Trump’s recent executive order on social media will only strengthen the First Amendment.

Backer makes a great point within the article where he hits liberals with the truth, “speech is not violence… violence is violence.”

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