Fox News Anchor Says Bolton Book a ‘Bore’


“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new tell-all book about his time in the administration is a “bore”.

Wallace told “Fox News Rundown” he received an advanced copy of the book:

“I’ve got a copy of it and I’ve been reading it … ” Wallace told host Chris Foster. “I mean,  it’s like he just disgorged his diary … Literally, you’ll be reading and you see, ‘At 11:00 on this day, I had this meeting with these people and at 12:00, I had this meeting with these people.’ And, you know, sometimes the meeting is really interesting and sometimes the meeting did nothing.

“There just seems to have been no editor to say, ‘Well, let’s forget the meeting at 11 that didn’t accomplish anything,’” Wallace continued. “So, you find yourself skimming through the book to find the good stuff — and there is some good stuff, there’s some interesting stuff — but, boy, you’ve got to wade through it.”

The book “The Room Where It Happened” was released yesterday is #1 on Amazon currently and has a 3 out of 5-star rating from 120 reviews.

Franco Ordoñez overviewed some of the books bigger details on NPR’s “Morning Edition”:

He said the president, quote, “pleaded” with his Chinese counterpart to buy American agricultural products, which would help him get the vote of very important farmers in the United States. You know, Bolton frankly writes that he’s hard pressed to identify any significant Trump decision that wasn’t driven by reelection calculations.

And he writes that many Trump Cabinet officials who are seen as loyalists, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, actually make fun of him behind his back about his lack of knowledge about foreign policy. Bolton writes that Trump asked if Finland was part of Russia, just as an example.

The Trump administration filed a lawsuit to prevent the book from being published unsuccessfully (READ ABOUT IT HERE).

The lawsuit alleged Bolton’s forthcoming book includes classified information that could compromise national security if it is published before being reviewed by the federal government.

Trump and some of his administration’s officials have responded to Bolton. Trump has called Bolton a “Washed up Creepster” and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Bolton a “traitor”.

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