Tucker Carlson Tells GOP Senator to Give Up His Privilege Over Police Bill

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons



Fox News Host Tucker Carlson laced into GOP Senator Mike Braun last evening over a bill the Indiana Senator introduced.

Braun’s bill would reform qualified immunity which makes police officers immune from civil lawsuits in most cases.

Tucker went to town on Braun over the legislation. On a three-plus minute monologue he said:

“Qualified immunity has worked so well because police officers, more so than anyone else in our society, must make difficult split-second decisions on the job a lot, and they do it constantly whether to arrest someone, conduct a search, to use force against a suspect.”

“Sometimes actions they sincerely and reasonably believe are legal are found later by courts to be unconstitutional. Sometimes the very laws they enforce are struck down.”

“That’s not their fault, obviously, but without qualified immunity, police could be sued for that personally.

“They could be bankrupted. They could lose their homes.”

Tucker ended the monologue by telling Braun to give up his privilege first:

“So how about this: how about Mike Braun gives up his immunity first?

“That seems fair so next time Mike Braun makes a mistake, and he is a U.S. Senator so it likely won’t be long, the trial bar can land on him and take his house away.”

“Mike Braun would make for a very good target for left-wing public interest lawyers. They would be excited.

“If it’s good enough for cops on the beat, it ought to be good enough for Senator Mike Braun.”

Braun has been the first GOP Senator to introduce legislation on qualified immunity following the killing of George Floyd.

Braun responded to Carlson on Twitter saying he wants to reform qualified immunity, not end it:

  1. Our HYPOCRITICAL Congress has exempted themselves from many of the very laws they ‘pass’.
    Congress exempted itself from Obamacare, from sexual harassment laws, from Social Security etc….

    When Donald trump leaves office in January, 2025….he should use his power to push for the 28th Amendment which would forbid Congress to make laws that don’t include them…..He should also work for an Amendment that creates TERM LIMITS……The Founding Fathers never intended that bags of shyte like Chuck Schumer, spend a lifetime in Congress….


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