Biden Accuses Trump of ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is accusing President Trump of “dereliction of duty” for his handling of intelligence despite multiple agencies unable to corroborate the version Biden is criticizing.

According to Fox News:

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pulled no punches in going after President Trump on Tuesday during his first press conference in 89 days, while also saying some statues across the country should be removed and teasing his forthcoming announcement about a running mate.

While Biden’s press conference in Delaware was ostensibly about how he would respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the former vice president slammed the current White House occupant for his response to reports that Russian intelligence operatives offered to pay bounties to Taliban-linked militants who killed U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Trump on Sunday denied that he had been briefed about the matter before the New York Times reported on it over the weekend.

“The idea that somehow he didn’t know is a dereliction of duty if that’s the case,” Biden said while taking questions from reporters. “And if he was briefed and he didn’t do anything about it that is a dereliction of duty.”

Biden also stated that he has never been tested for the coronavirus and thinks that controversial statues belong in museums and not public places.

  1. put biden in old folks home he is wasting our time , we want someone who stands for America not China

  2. Biden is living in the past. Half the time he seems lost. Can not remember what he was going to sat.

  3. No Offense intended for the comparison to Knats: But, Biden doesn’t even have the Brains of a Knat!

  4. I have always thought that the public does not or should not have access to information that could involve the safety and security of the nation. When the departments of the executive branch of our government do their job they should never be leaking information to the press. When I hear of these leaks the first thought I have is TREASON. I do not matter what our sitting President does, as long as this sitting President has the safety and security of the nation in mind.

    I am still trying to understand that Obama talking to Putin is OK, but Trump talking to Putin makes Trump Putin’s Puppet. Where did all these political fruitcakes get the message Putin was or is Trump’s handler? Wasn’t it Obama and Clinton who wanted to reset how we deal with Russian? Wasn’t it Obama the nation heard on a open mike that after his election he would have more flexibility with Russia? Wasn’t it Hillary and Obama that gave the US Uranium One, thus giving Russia access to one fourth of our Uranium? Anyone who can determine 2 and 2 equals 4 knows this idea of Trump dealing with our enemies is just political BS. How can Trump be a Racist when it was Obama who always used the Race Card to side with radical Blacks to riot, loot, and burn down structures calling it venting their frustration. He never used killers of Police as a example to stop their killings. If these Blacks killed the police, the police deserved being killed. This is repeating today, but no one knows or sees these killers in our headlines. I know that no one should die like George Floyd, but killing anyone should never be OK. It is murder, plain and simple. We do not have a Racial Problem in the US, we have a Rule of Law Problem in the US. The Rule of Law established to keep citizen safe and free is being abused. If we cling to this new socialist ideal of Political Correctness no one is safe on our streets. No nation . regardless of their political ideals, can survive without Law and Order.


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