Trump Shakes Up Campaign, Reassigns Staff

Trump Rally

President Trump’s campaign is shaking things up.

The campaign has moved its chief operating officer Michael Glassner to a new role.

Glassner who was previously in charge of planning the President’s rallies will now be involved in a legal role.

It’s believed Glassner’s reassignment is due in part to how the recent Tulsa rally went which the campaign denies

Per ABC:

The shake up and Glassner’s reassignment are in part a result of how badly things went in Tulsa, sources tell ABC News.

“This is not a reaction to Tulsa. Michael Glassner is moving into the long-term role of navigating the many legal courses we face, including suits against major media outlets, some of which will likely extend beyond the end of the campaign. He is one of the founding members of Team Trump and his dedication to the success of the president is unmatched,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement to ABC News.

The New York Times reported that the change was made by Jared Kushner.

Glassner, who has worked for the Trump campaign since 2015 will be replaced by Jeff DeWit who served as Trump’s 2016. Arizona chair and NASA’s Chief Financial Officer for two years.

  1. Reminds me of the old ball coach who didn’t hesitate to put in another QB if he wasn’t preforming. Also, this is the way successful business people operate, especially in sales. You either produce or go out the door. The surest way to get fired is to start making excuses or blaming things on others.

  2. With all the lefts skullduggery, a competent lawyer must do what he is best at. My opinion is that he is needed more as an attorney to navigate the treachery of the left. TULSA, LOL, shows how corrupt and afraid the left is. That libtards bought tickets not to attend, but to make it appear as though The President’s base is wavering is incredibly funny. The President’s base is strong, and he can have a rally of thousands, Biden gets 3 people in his basement with a script and STILL manages to screw it up… ROTFLMAO GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!

  3. We ALL KNOW that the Tulsa Rally was SABOTAGED!!! So, YES……DEF LAWYER UP!!! But that is NOT ENOUGH!!!! WHAT is being do in the State’s with all of their ILLEGAL ‘MAIL-IN’ BALLOTS!!!!!!! DRAG THIS TO COURTS……NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh My Gosh! The eternal and never ending flow of made up and/or imaginary conspiracies by the MSM wing of the Democrat Communist party about the deep dark problems and trouble within the Trump campaign and administration! Once again they are reporting with a anonymous source! I don’t believe a thing anyone in the “anonymous” family says, they are all proven liars!
    After DJT’s second term is over what WILL the lame stream media do to fill their empty heads? Oh silly me, there will always be more of us deplorable Republicans rising up to create havoc in their meaningless lives!


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