Fox News Anchor Responds to Being Fired

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Last week, Fox News host Ed Henry was fired following a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Henry, who was most recently the co-host of America’s Newsroom, has responded to his firing by posting a statement from his attorney on Twitter:

Attorney Catherine Foti: “Ed Henry denies the allegations referenced in the Fox announcement and is confident that he will be vindicated after a full hearing in an appropriate forum.”


According to a report from the Daily Mail, the alleged complaint was received on June 25th from a former Fox News employee who accused Henry of a workplace sexual misconduct that took place “years ago”.

The network hired an outside investigator and fired Henry based on the results of the probe into the alleged incident.

The identity of the accuser has not been revealed. A law firm, Wigdor LP, which has represented other former Fox News employees against the network brought forward the complaint on behalf of Henry’s accuser.

Some background on Henry from our earlier story:

[Henry] began his career in 2003 as a political analyst for Washington, DC-based WMAL radio before joining CNN in 2005.

In 2011, Henry left CNN to become Fox News Channel’s Chief White House Correspondent.

This misconduct incident was not Henry’s first transgression while at Fox News. In 2016, Henry took a leave of absence from Fox News after he had a 10-month affair with a Las Vegas stripper. When he returned to Fox News he lost his role as Chief White House Correspondent.

  1. Fox News management sucks. Why didn’t this woman file sexual harassment when she was still at Fox? Now she chooses to ruin his career by waiting. And whose business is it that he dates a Las Vegas stripper? That’s none of your business. Bunch of flipping Democrats. We still care about you and Henry no matter what anybody says.

    1. I agree with everything that you have said, but have you noticed? It never says that the accuser is a woman! They carefully avoid using a pronoun that would reveal the gender of the accuser. Hmmm – I have a guess on that . . .

  2. Well take it to court. FOX has problems, too. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. What’s her testimony? Why did she not slap you down silly? We need her testimony under oath.

  3. So, Henry had a 10 month affair (admitted) with a Vegas stripper.
    So what?
    I would imagine there are two kinds of politicians and CEO’s in one of two categories: either they have, or are currently doing similar, or WISH they had the money, looks, whatever, to engage in such.
    That’s the way that circle operates.

  4. The entire world is preoccupied with pee pee games and politics. Is this what DUMBING America down it’s only accomplishments? Jeesh!

  5. This happened years ago, why is it just coming up? Seems that firing him right away is a bit presumptuous. Did they give him a chance to defend himself? I think these cases are questionable, it seems that some of these sexual complaints are a bit flimsy. Think there maybe more to find out in this story.

  6. These women are nothing but pathetic waiting a long time to bring these things up. I think if it really happened why wouldn’t you speak up at the time? I also don’t like they tell us his name but not hers. How could FOX investigate this when it’s all she said he said from years ago? They can’t and it’s not right they fire him for this. I think we should all know who this woman is and investigate her. Either speak up when it happens or I don’t want to hear about, this makes all women look bad.

  7. Another Ford and it is probably because this guy leans right not left. These old cries of harassment ring with dishonesty. If it was against her will why not speak up then? IF, (and that depends on her proof), this should even be in front of a jury or judge she is a little late and started with an attorney to his employer. Smells like blackmail or worse.

    Her word against his is kind of passe and the dim wits don’t honor it at all. Remember the one who claimed Biden violated her and she has some serious proof that the DNC totally ignored unlike the Ford nothing burger they cranked up to a death penalty for nada, zip, zilch on the last SC judge after about 50 years of silence and NO witnesses.

    And this trend with all lefties of not waiting until the facts and justice is actually delivered to fire the man is ridiculous and telling about the brats running the Fox show these days. Good luck kiddies with your leftist trend. Hope the money and ratings is not too important. These days in the media there is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty”. He is already hung. What a travesty. And if you are listening to Rat Ryan more power to you, keep him we do not want him back as a lying rino.

    Fox news is sinking pretty fast. I have not watched them for some time. Hannity and a few others still have my attention but THAT IS IT. And my news I get elsewhere.

  8. I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word of this BS Ed Henry isn’t a sexual predator , if he is then I’m going to need my head examined because I always thought I was a good at reading people and he is an outspoken conservative and a Trump supporter so that says it all so screw you Fox your days are numbered

  9. I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word of this BS Ed Henry isn’t a sexual predator , if he is then I’m going to need my head examined because I always thought I was a good at reading people and he is an outspoken conservative and a Trump supporter so that says it all so Fox your days are numbered

  10. Some civilized countries have Unfair Dismissal Laws. Time the US had some of their own. The worst aspect of this story if that the accusation is also the proof and the judgment. Ed Henry will survive, but it is looking doubtful now that Fox will. It will be left with the dregs of a once great news outlet and very few of the loyal viewers who were attracted by the adult supervision of the late Roger Ailes.
    As final thought, I would like to know how many homosexual Fox employees have had affairs and how many of them were dismissed. Probably none.

  11. Ed Henry is one of the most pleasant media personalities with a minimal effect of eccentricities or smarminess.
    He may never return to Fox but that might be for his best future.

    I hope the plaintiff [whether Henry or the self-designated “victim”, depending upon who sues who, ] understands that they face a burden of proof.

  12. On top of everything else, what really, really, really irks me about this is the publisher of his book. Ed Henry wrote a book about donating part of his liver to his sister to save her life. And now the publisher says they will not publish the book because of the accusation.

  13. What absolute crap. Now Fox has become the moral conscience of their viewers. What, Ed Henry isn’t old enough to have a relationship with whom ever he chooses. Fox certainly has no trouble with gay relationships, but oh, a man having a heterosexual relationship is just bad for business, I call it BS. Stay the F out of people’s bedrooms. You have no business there. As for…”a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace”, firstly it’s a complaint, it’s not a proven fact and secondly it’s become just a little to convenient an excuse to get rid of people whom you don’t like from the pay roll. Just BS.


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