Supreme Court Blocks Democrats’ Attempt to Fast-Track Fight for Trump’s Financial Records

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court has blocked the Democrats from attempting to fast-track their fight to obtain President Trump’s financial records.

According to The Hill:

The Supreme Court on Monday denied a request by House Democrats to accelerate the timeline of remaining court battles over congressional subpoenas for President Trump’s tax returns.

The bid by lawmakers came in response to the court’s landmark 7-2 ruling earlier this month to shield a trove of Trump’s financial records from several Democratic-led House committees and return the dispute to lower courts for further litigation.

Under regular Supreme Court procedure, the ruling would reach the lower courts no earlier than Aug. 3, a delay Democrats sought to avoid by asking the justices to expedite the process.

But the conservative-majority court rejected that request Monday in an unsigned order. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one of the more liberal justices, said she would have granted it.

Earlier this month the Supreme Court issued two decisions in regards to Trump’s financial records. The court allowed prosecutors to obtain the records based on equal treatment of the law, but blocked the Democrats based on the separation of powers.

  1. Check the financial records of everyone wanting to check the POTUS , tax returns. Those that holler the loudest and the most to hide. Think of the corruption , in the financial records nazi pelosi, mad max waters and town drunk clinton, it would look like a nightmare, all these years cooking the books. SHAME SHAME SHAME,

    1. Additionally Rodger, the dim wits will misinterpret what they read anyway. The filed taxes are nothing and they are too stupid to understand that just like they fail to understand the temp of the country or what a budget is. I am constantly amazed at how out of touch these morons are. And you are right audit their taxes, etc. because I am sure there are much more interesting things there but a safety check to make sure everything is disclosed is to look at all their income, all sources of it even those they think are hidden. There is always a trail for a good auditor or investigator. With so many on Soro’s payroll there is bound to be attempted hiding of income among other items that would be of interest.

  2. The 3 women on this court are not Supreme Court Justices interpreting constitutional issues but legislators seeking to create new laws and ignore present ones from the bench. The Chief Justice is not far behind in legislating law as we saw with Obamacare when he de facto changed the bill’s wording.

    1. I would not put Bader Ginsburg in the same class as the other two. She is more close to a classic liberal where the other two are closer to present day leftists. Roberts is not too far away from Bader Ginsburg, just a bit more centrist.

  3. The Justices MUST know the democrats are using the issue as a weapon against their political opponent. It’s so obvious what they’re doing.

  4. I do not understand why DJT should have to disclose his tax returns since there is no law stating he must unless it stems from the lawsuit against him in New York state and the Dems are trying to take advantage and get his financial information hoping to find something….anything they can use in another sleazy hoax conspiracy against him! I would not put it past New York to have filed their lawsuit in an attempt to help the Democrats get DJT’s tax returns!

  5. Trump has got these libturds chasing their own tails…exactly how dumb do you have to be… to be a demon(c)rat? If there was anything wrong with his tax-returns, the ‘O’bumf#€k-regime’ IRS would have gotten him, way back in 2015-2016? Wouldn’t even had to have contrive that Russian Collusion hoax…

  6. GREAT to hear! Exactly, check the ones shouting the loudest, they are guilty of MUCH more, I am sure!


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