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Fox News
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As reported earlier, former Fox News host Ed Henry has been accused of rape in a federal lawsuit.

Two women, Cathy Areu, a former regular guest on Fox Business, and Jennifer Eckhart who used to be a producer for the network, filed the lawsuit which also accused other Fox News stars of sexual misconduct [READ MORE ON THAT HERE].

We reported of Henry’s firing roughly three weeks ago which was due to “sexual misconduct” [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]:

Award-winning Fox News anchor Ed Henry has been fired, according to Variety.

The report said Henry has been terminated following a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Henry, 48, was most recently the co-host of America’s Newsroom.

Now Ed Henry is responding to the allegations.

Henry replied to the accusations by saying he “will fight with every fiber” of his being and included a statement from his attorney Cathy Foti:

“The Me Too movement has helped to bring to light a number of injustices in our society, and everyone that has suffered deserves to be heard.  This is not one of those cases.  The evidence in this case will demonstrate that Ms. Eckhart initiated and completely encourage a consensual relationship. Ed Henry looks forward to presenting actual facts and evidence, which will contradict the fictional accounts contained in the complaint.  That evidence includes graphic photos and other aggressively suggestive communications that Ms. Eckhart sent to Mr. Henry”


One woman on Twitter who knows Mr. Henry replied to the tweet by saying he never made her feel uncomfortable on multiple occasions when the pair was alone: “Speaking as one who’s been alone with you in taxis, restaurants, cigar bars, etc I state emphatically that I NEVER was uncomfortable and you NEVER even intimidated at anything remotely inappropriate. You were the one who got me home safely one night when I had too much to drink.”

  1. I personally believe him, Way to many women have jumped on the #metoo movement 10/15 years later which makes me question everything they say.Guess what, Females lie too!

  2. I don’t see what Ed Henry saw in these two ugly and terrible women, Kathy Areu and Jennifer Eckhart. Kathy Areu is one of the ugliest and most hateful women I have seen on Fox News besides Kathy Tarloff, Wendy (whatever her last name is, Leslie (the doctor’s wife), and a few more liberals. I cannot stand to watch any of them and I turn to another channel when they come on. They are all President Trump and conservative haters. This also includes Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Chris (the attorney) and a few more liberal men. Fox News is getting harder and harder to watch because of these horrible liberal people. They see nothing wrong with liberals and their agenda and everything wrong with the conservatives. If something does not change quickly, I will quit watching Fox News and watch OAN News all the time.

    1. Sandra, It is hard to understand Fox is so “liberal IQ” they don’t understand they are discouraging their bread and butter, conservatives, from watching and are losing their viewing audience daily!

      1. The problem Fox has are two folds:
        One, Rupert Murdoch has, for all practical purposes, turned over operational control to his liberal son. One of the son and his wife, each, have donated $615,000 to a Biden PAC.
        Two, as if that is not enough, they have quietly put one of the biggest back stabbing RINO with the biggest double barrel gun mounted on his face, that dwarfs Governor Cuomo’s double barrel, on its Board of Directors. I am talking of none other than Mitt Romney’s running mate – Paul Ryan.

        Give it time, Fox will become a comedy show like CNN featuring Lemon and Cuomo.

  3. I do not know Ed Henry however, I know PEOPLE and he does not give me “vibes” that he would be guilty of rape or forcing himself on a woman in any way. I understand he has had marital improprieties of a consensual nature and I do not condone that however……..rape is a whole different beast…….let me just say, I’ll believe that when it is proven beyond a doubt!
    Consensual = Ed’s business, a no-no at work
    Rape = Criminal act, a no-no anywhere, anytime

  4. I don’t recall any of these long ago claims coming to court and resulting in anything but a lot of publicity which seems to be the objective of the “ME TOO” bowel movement. Right now there are the same for Hannity, etc..These not too honest women harm the ones really abused. And these late date, years late claims are getting really old. Stand your ground men. Proof is necessary and there are time limits on these claims and not just an overblown public media lynching is going to do any harm because who pays attention to this BS anymore! Sick of the media frenzy of over blown egos too. There are far more important issues today than this tired crapola.

    Will be glad when the election is over, Soros and his pal’s will have blown billions and will still lose. They have literally pissed off the nation including a multitude of their own. I hope the convictions start soon like Meadows says. I think it is past time this insanity brought by the DNC got a sound answer from the voters too. And though there are voters who are sheeple I remember 2016 and it was the same BS as today. I am predicting a DNC bloodbath for them not the GOP, the deplorables or the normal people. By normal I mean anyone not liberal and dim wit.

    It is abhorrent to know that Shifty, FBI and CIA leaders, Old Nanc and Schmucky among many others of the same bad actor persuasion knew the multitude of investigations of the past four years were all a lie. ALL knew there was not a shred of truth or evidence to touch Trump. In fact the pendulum swung the other way with evidence against the accusers. The problem really was that the dim wits depended on Hillary winning and she still lost even with their voter fraud. Now with the investigations happening that they tried to bury, another election for Trump to win, and the clock ticking on their future socialist agenda even if it brings a civil war the DNC and all on board bad actors are displaying their hate and just how far they are willing to go to take over this country and apparently by force if necessary.

    Brownshirts paid by Soros and labeled Antifa and BLM among others make this another Germany of the 1930s. Soros wants to control this country and he is buying a lot of people but it is not even half the country following their agenda. Go to the polls and vote. Do not be intimidated and believe in the voters of this nation. Vote Trump and vote like we did in 2016. Dim wits SUCK! And their mantra is lie and see if the sheeple believe it. I for one am sick of their assumption the people of this nation are Stupid! Time to show them we are sick of Them as they are the Stupid ones!

  5. Cathy Areu – look in the mirror.
    No sane man will give you a second glance, and Ed Henry is a sane man.
    You are a fortune digger with a failed career.

  6. Rupert Murdochs liberal son, who has operational control at FOX donated $615,000 to a Biden PAC. Need we say anything more??? Tucker, Hannity & Laura should start their own channel, the FOX downward spiral started as soon as Murdochs sons got involved, who both bought mansions in Beverly Hills. This lawsuit by dunce Cathy Areu is the only way the left pushes people into silence, it is shameful and disgusting. God help us if these radical Democrats get power in Nov.


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