Fox Host Brian Kilmeade Clashes With Trump Press Secretary Over Network’s Polls

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade clashed on Friday with Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley over the validity of polls conducted by Fox News.

As The Hill reports:

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Friday sparred with Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley for suggesting a recent Fox News poll was “fake.”

The exchange came the same week that a Fox News survey found President Trump trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in key battleground states, with the former vice president holding a 9-point lead in Michigan and an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania — two states Trump won in 2016.

“You touched on some polls. Most of those are fake,” Gidley said Friday on “Fox & Friends.” “They oversample Democrats.”

Kilmeade later rebuked Gidley, saying: “I know the people that do the polls. They don’t do it fake. They do a really good job.”

Did Hogan Gidley go too far in questioning Fox Polls, or is he correct to attack the network for its negative coverage of Trump? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

  1. When the nation is brainwashed into thinking Trump is the Devil all these polls mean nothing. Mainstream Media is sending the wrong message of Trump because they know there is only one other network that can get the truth out to the people. This network is Fox, yet even Fox gets the wrong numbers from it’s polling because people are afraid to say they support Trump. Why? People have lost their jobs or became enemies of the Liberal Lefts portrait painted of Trump supporters. A businesses can have rioters at their front door or actually have their business fire bombed just for saying they agree with Trump. Thank God our vote is private. I would love to have a dollar from every voter who will actually cast their vote for Trump. THEY ARE THE TRUE SILENT MAJORITY. Everyone one of these voters are voting for Rule of Law and trying their best to end the Political Correct BS that is destroying this nation. If we do not vote to defend our US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law, we will lose our FREEDOM OF CHOICE. The power of our vote elected Trump in 2016 and in 2020 we will have to flex the power of our vote again. The Democrat candidate may have changed , but if Biden wins the fear of Socialism will still be on the ballot. New candidate, same message.

  2. Fox has been drifting off center towards the left for some time now. It’s obvious from 9am to 4pm time frame. Since Murdock’s liberal family took over more and more reporters and journalists are “spinning” left very subtlety. Weekend anchors are the same way. I do not give much credit to polls, including FOX.

    1. I’m 73 years old, and have NEVER been asked my opinion in ANY poll. Makes me wonder just where and how they work those polls. I haven’t lived in one place or a cave either.

      1. The same crap took place in 2016. These pollsters get the results the specific customers pay for. Then they go around telling the public for the purpose of swaying public opinion. Actually it should be called what it is “election tampering”. The liberals fell for the polls in 2016 when the polls literally guaranteed Hildabeast would win by 95% to 5%. That is why liberals are still pissed about the real results. Pollsters know what their buyers expect so hey give it to them. Exit polls are another liberal invention because they are trying to manipulate the voters who haven’t voted yet. Exit polls should not be able to be reported until all the official counting is over and approved. Biden is even a worse candidate than Hildabeast was. The only way the democRATS could squash Bernie a second time was to come up with something so outrageous the entire world has been INFECTED. Bernie’s people are not happy. Let’s hope they won’t take Biden as a replacment despite Biden pandering to Bernies agenda.

      2. I have never been asked either. Oh, wait~~ I think I did take a survey once on which laundry detergent I thought was the best. The guy taking the poll didn’t like my answer so he cut the call short. That’s probably what’s happening with Conservatives who support Trump.

        Also I saw that 65% of Americans (who are against Weakling Joe) are afraid to say who they will vote for because they will be attacked and perhaps their homes and jobs will be attacked. Okay, so if 65% say they won’t answer polls truthfully, that must mean that 65% are going to vote for Pres. Trump. I’m horrible at numbers but I think I just about got this right.

    2. Agree. I for one to not trust any Fox poll. Just check out who is doing the polling. Kilmeade is full of it.

      1. Franklin G., Sorry but I respectfully disagree with negative comments about Brian Kilmeade! He is a strong conservative and DJT supporter! Brian has disagreed from time to time with DJT and has so stated but, he has never wavered from being a supporter. I don’t agree with DJT 100% of the time but I support him 100% of the time! I think the only people who agree with Trump or anyone all the time is not doing their own thinking, period!
        Brian is mistaken about Fox polls probably because he wants to believe in his employer and I wish he could have confidence in Fox but, the conservative times for Fox News are over! I don’t have confidence in any polls because there are too many ways to cheat and 2016 is full blown proof of that!

        1. Maxi baby, the polls are crap. This is 2016 again and it is all the dim wits and delusional left has left. The violence is not intimidating anyone and now the poll fake reporting thing is doing nothing especially after what happened four years ago. Another defeat is coming for the dim wits in every way. Today the DNC is an insane asylum and the fake news is just propaganda.

          I don’t even watch Fox at all and gave up on news. I know liberals and illegals together do not outnumber the Deplorables. All we have to do is vote in mass. And the poll watchers have to keep the voter fraud in check. A gigantic hit is coming for the left no matter how much money Soros spends on his brown shirts, dim wit candidates, and fake reporting.

          And then the new congress needs to outlaw the Brownshirts Soros funds and go after him and the Antifa, BLM, etc. all basically the brownshirts of Soro’s dream from his nazi collaborator days. Killing a few of these domestic terrorist today should not be off the table as they are attacking with that intent today. It sickens me how well this dim wit ploy has abused our domestic defenders, the police.

          Vote America’s Deplorables and wipe the floor up with the whining dim wits!

    3. I agree the polls are not correct. Most Trump supporters are not truthful as they fear retaliation from democrats. I don’t know of any Trump supporter who has been contacted by any poll.

      All I see is 100% support for Trump on all the websites I visit. Who could honestly say they could support someone who has done the things Biden has done. He is a hair sniffer plus likes to grope young girls. He isn’t playing with a full deck anymore.

      1. I always poll as a republican and Trump supporter and make sure they know I am a college grad with additional credentials. I encourage everyone to step up and follow their conscience. Do the right thing and speak softly but carry a big stick to defend yourself as today the dim wits do attack but mostly from the cover of a hidden point within a group or behind your back.

        I will defend my rights and won’t hesitate to vote my way. And I have indeed clashed with dim wits but it never goes far as they learn quickly I don’t care if they get along with me. Their group think is childish and reminds me of children though most are as old as I am or older. Would love the opportunity to debate old queen bee Nanc.

    4. I agree Fox is no longer fair and balanced as they want people to believe. These polls are over sampled and I’m sure mostly conducted in more liberal demographics.

    5. Hogan Gidley was correct to counter Kilmeade’s statements, as they were based on talk, not fact. Fox has indeed already started on a slide toward fake news status with several of their examples of why conservatives count. Does Laura HAVE to have Chris Hahn her show, or does she choose to? And The 5 would be greatly improved without Juan Williams, even if it became The 4. I’ve never been able to figure how Donna Brazil managed to slip away from her history of providing Hillary with the debate questions as DNC head. That was even worse than all the lying about everything done by Democrat Members of Congress.

      1. Thanks for the mention of Juan Williams. He is the most partisan individual in the news business. He never accepts FACTS, just keeps his head in the sand. He hates Trump so much he can’t think clearly, not knowing if he ever could. But he is a blessing, since 2016 have fast forwarded through everything he says, so watching the FIVE is much faster. Haven’t heard a word he has said in years and will continue to ignore him What a moron.

  3. Always remember hildebeast was ahead in all the polls in 2016 and she is not the president. Vote Trump 2020, MAGA KAG.

    1. I think she was like 98% sure to win the election, or something like that. Wow, was she ever hit in the face with reality!

  4. I believe FOX and the other networks have their own standards of polling suited to the image they wish to portray.
    I do not trust any of the media statistics.
    Trump will win by the biggest landslide in US history.
    Tune in to the November 2020 results to see if the Media or the Public gave the
    correct polling.

    1. Remember, Fox Polls in the 2016 election were as wrong as all the rest of the news media. Brian Kilmeade thinks he is the most accurate host and is very high on himself. He seems like a nice guy, but definitely an arrogant guy who cannot take any criticism of any kind. I agree with Mr. Gidley. The Democrats will stop at nothing to get Trump out, even if it means faking the polls, or better yet, George Soros paying certain pollsters to hype the numbers in favor or Biden just to see if they can convince Republican Trump voters to give up and not vote. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

  5. Brian Kilmeade is usually someone I like to watch but seems like he’s changing too. There is no way these polls are accurate they are oversampling democrats. Nobody truly believes Biden could be president he’s a disgusting racist who had dementia. I have to say don’t watch much FOX anymore OAN is much better.

    1. Lisa, I agree. Brian needs to explain how a candidate can sit in cognito for months and rise in the polls. I don’t think so. I’m thinking the same is going to happen like 2016. The Fox network is slowly shifting left. I now only watch 4 Hosts.



    1. Except for the spelling, you are right on. I couldn’t believe that Maxine Waters would have anything in common with the other exceptions until it dawned on me you were listing Watters. I agree that Fox is drifting left.

  7. Polls are only as accurate as who the pollsters ask. Ask more liberals? Get Biden leading.

  8. I just lie to the polls. It really is none of their business who I vote for. The fun ones to lie to are those silly exit poles.

  9. I don’t trust any polls. And Fox has become way too Liberal for me. I used to watch Fox and Friends every morning. Now I really don’t care. Tucker, Hannity, Gutfeld, Waters, and the Judge are the only ones left on FOX that I trust and agree with. And yes, if you ask more Liberals in the polls that’s where the final count leans. #Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Fox use to be the one to get the full and truthful. Story ,however they have been leaning alot to the left lately. Only 2 i can stand to see are Tucker a d Hannity. .These polls are not correct. I know many use to be democrats that are voting. Trump. We will get democrats out. All this rioting defund police statue removing. And the corona virus. We know this was a set up virus a oy of the democrat party. I never have been polled by anyone. So no polls are not accirate. Trump will win 2020 by a landslide. MAGA Trump 2020

  10. I think Gidley is probably right. In fact, I’d bet that most polls over-sample liberal-leaning people, or ones that really don’t want to risk truthfulness.

  11. Fox News censors and deletes my comments when they are critical of China or the previous administration
    for no other apparent reason. Why wouldn’t they “sanitize” the polling results? Their covert bias is systemic.
    Fox employees other than the most popular “stars” must be afraid of losing their jobs. The same leverage has been used to
    purge other media outlets of ethical journalists who are unemployed now because they didn’t follow the
    dictated narrative. Fox is slowly sliding into the sewer of radical liberalism, aka. anti-Trump Communist sympathizing.

  12. Polls are not a good sampling because they are always blind, if you had a group of 100 people with show of hands, I bet you could tell the make of them by the city, state and studio they are in. And we know polls are not a good sampling. 2016.

  13. Why did TTN stop allowing us to “thumb down” comments we disapprove of? Political Correctness sucks!

  14. Much ado about nothing. Neither ever mentioned FOX polls specifically and the remarks never indicated FOX polls were fake. Hardly a rebuke at the end of the conversation by Brian.

  15. I cannot believe that there’re that many stupid, uninformed people in America, with the exception of NY and Ca, which I am a resident of.

  16. A poll is a chance for the polster to get approval for his/her position. If I wanted to make sure the poll reflects my thinking then I can produce that result by only counting what I want to show. Maybe they should post the phone numbers of those called for fact checking.

  17. Like the same fake News Pollsters that said “Hillary by a landslide in 2016 and that trump should go home” are saying “Biden by a landlslide in 2020 and Trump should go home.
    Those pollster are frustrated because 62% of those polled wont say how they are voting.

  18. Hogan Gidley is right. But Mr. Gidley should have asked Brian just what was the percentage of sampling they did, and what type of questions did they ask. Sandra Smith, interviewing Mr. Gidley, that it was not true that Joe Biden supports defunding the police. And, again, Chris Wallace, echoed same at President Trump. Joe Biden did say that he supported defunding the police but not in those exact words. I have never liked Brian Kilmeade. I use to watch Fox and Friends in the am but not too much anymore. I find that now I watch OAN and Sky News Australia more on You Tube.

  19. The head of Fox News polling is Chris Steirwalt who hates the president even more than Nancy Pelosi. He has been oversampling democrats in his polls since 2015, with the oversampling going up every year. The Fox News polls are a joke. Sorry Brian, you are riding a dead horse in this race.

  20. Foxnews has lost its attraction as an unbiased news network. Look at the leftist loonies they’ve hired i.e the former DNC head. Other than Tucker and Hannity i don’t waste my time. I’ve switched to Newsmax and the OAN networks. Trump 2020

  21. More MSM polls in favor of Biden than Trump. Fox has become more to left after the previous CEO was removed. And that’s a fact, Trump supporters do not want to be opened about it, due to repercussions. I have a Trump flag, but will not display for my family’s safety.

  22. I don’t believe these polls showing the president always behind Biden.
    The president has done what he said he would do during the primaries in 2016, and Biden keeps hiding.

  23. Polls are whatever you want them to be depending on the questions you ask. As previously stated by others, people lie to pollsters.
    Right now Tucker is knocking it out of the park, his monologues are must watch tv.
    As far as FOXs left leaning direction , just ask yourselves why did they hire Donna Brazile ??
    The woman that provided Hillary the debate questions prior to the debates, enough said.
    So much for integrity.

  24. I don’t believe any of the poles either. How can anyone vote for a guy in his basement, thinks he’s running for the senate and couldn’t find his way across a one way street with no traffic coming? Are people that stupid? God help us.

  25. I believe that Fox News has been veering off to the Left and insinuating that Biden is leading. I have given up listening to and believing ANY Polls! Polls are as dangerous to follow just as listening to MSM …MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC!! In fact, I don’t even bother listening to Polls especially those addressing Presidential elections. …remember the Polls of the Clinton/Trump race???? All false!

  26. A family member got a call from a poll. As soon as she gave answers supporting Trump they hung up on her. I have never been polled

    1. I think the pollsters believe that if they can show a majority of Americans support Biden, then everyone else will too!
      I think they know how Americans say & do what they think everyone else is doing…. in other words, they cannot think for themselves.
      (And there is validity to that belief….. sadly.)

  27. If these polls are correct, America’s nitwits are now the majority and the country’s universities are congratulating themselves!!!

  28. Of course they’re fake! Anything the President doesn’t like is fake, why is that so hard to understand? Or a hoax. Like the coronavirus. Which was a hoax, and then was going to disappear, and then was completely under control, and now has killed over 140,000 people. Oops – FAKE people. And millions of Americans have lost fake jobs because the mean old Demonrats wanna hurt the poor liddle pwesident. The only real thing in all this is how unfairly he’s been treated; why is everyone so mean to him? I mean, the man can identify an elephant, remember five words, sip water, and walk down a ramp! What a specimen of American exceptionalism!

  29. A thousand people being polled on the east coast or even the west coast do not represent all of America. So no, I don’t believe any of the polls. And like everyone else that have commented I have never been polled.

  30. I’ve never been polled and am 67 years old. Unless the whole country has gone insane, I say Trump wins in a landslide!

  31. joe hasnt even come out of the basement.. how in the world can people actually say their going to vote for him. so no i dont believe these polls.. they are fake

  32. The Only true polling that can ever take place is where every person that is legal to vote within the USA has taken to the polling place with their own option and vote, It’s call the National Election Day, first Tuesday of November (once every four years when voting for a President). The results are then tallied up with only one winner to be. No other way to get it accurately done, (except for cheating to win). No advance polling place can match the out come of all the Citizens legally voting.
    All any-other polling place is just trying to say is “we told you first”.
    In short it is nothing more than a bunch of ” Horses Jockey Stack”. Until the real Voting day comes.


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