Trump Takes Aim At Florida In Attempt To Repeat 2016 Success


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President Trump is reportedly giving his campaign a fresh focus on the crucial swing state of Florida in an attempt to reproduce the success he experienced in the state in 2016.

As The Hill reports:

ORLANDO, Fla. — President Trump is pulling out all the stops in Florida ahead of November as polls there show him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden.

He’s changed his official address to Palm Beach. He sought to move the GOP convention to Jacksonville before backing away from the idea on Thursday. He’s visited the state since leaving quarantine conditions, and he’s said he won’t issue a national mask mandate — while Florida is the largest state yet to issue its own.

Trump is going all-in to repeat his 2016 success in the country’s biggest swing state, but polls indicate he has an uphill climb ahead.

Trump’s campaign has reserved more in television advertising in Florida than in any other state — a staggering $40 million in airtime, more than he has reserved in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin combined, according to an analysis of advertising data by The Hill.

The Trump campaign is also reportedly preparing to unleash a massive ground game in Florida to get out the vote ahead of the November election.




Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

  1. JOEY boy 👦 BIDEN has the Rarken File DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE S OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PARTY rigging the 2020 ELECTION as We speak! So , ALL REPUBLICANS, INDEPENDENCENDS and ALL DEMOCRATS that are not for SLEEPING JOE 😴 BIDEN at will change their AFFILIATION to the Republicans Party need to do it before OCTOBER 15 ,2020 to REELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP for a SECOND TERM . And this ain’t no B.S. unless U want to KISS 💋 your future in this COUNTRY.

  2. Throughout my life I have had many people I would call friends, but never one did I separated them in regard to their skin color. To me they were simply fiends to share my life with. We all seemed to agree that we were free thinking citizens with similar goals. I can agree that some of these friends claimed their goal were limited because of their race, but this did not hold them back. It seemed they had to work harder to achieved their goals and YES, racism played a part. One thing, over time, started to occur. Minorities seemed to start listening to Trump when he said “What do you have to lose?” Because we were all blue collar workers, we all tended to accept the Democrat Party as the Party of labor; What we did not expect from President Trump is that he made labor rights part of his agenda. This forced us all to actually listen to his words during his speeches and we all agreed that he did not seem to be the Racist the Party painted of Trump. We are still trying to actually see proof of Trump’s Racism and White Bigotry. Yes, Trump is brash and has a big ego, but this does not erase the fact that we all see Trump as a person who loves his nation. Citizens have to stop accepting everything said of Trump by politicians who hate him and start listening to him speak live. I have found that the Fox Network shows his speeches from start to finish. Sadly, the Fox Network is not offered by all media formats.

  3. This is undoubted the best on Trump Train News, and believe it. Biden wins this in November, just hang it up, moe to Panama, or somewhere. The USA is done.


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