New Book Gives Insight Into How Obama Really Felt About Biden’s Presidential Run

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In an upcoming book about former President Obama and the Democrat’s effort to defeat Trump, The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere gives some insight into how Obama truly felt about his former VP running for the highest office in the land. If Dovere’s accounts are correct it gives some serious credit to the rumors that Obama was not a fan of the idea.

At the beginning of Biden’s campaign, many voters were suspicious Obama didn’t support the campaign because he so rarely was out stumping for Biden. It was a break from traditional norms and it wasn’t long before people assumed that Obama was not overly thrilled by Biden’s campaign.

However, Dovere writes that Obama thought Biden was ultimately a “compromise candidate.” (per Townhall)

According to Dovere, Obama was dubious about the prospect of Biden, who was his Vice President for eight years, running for the Presidency in the 2016 election.

Even when Biden was chosen as the Democrat’s Presidential candidate Obama was still anxious and ‘wasn’t sure’ about the decision the party had made.

Obama saw Biden as the ‘compromise candidate’ but he ‘wasn’t exactly inspiring’.

Dovere summarizes Obama’s thinking as: ‘The chariot could turn back into a pumpkin at any point’.

Dovere’s book also noted how Obama would often characterize Trump as a “madman” and a “lunatic” while speaking with foundation donors.

  1. Someone who is absolutely worse president ever is thought poorly of by someone who was an Anti American president. We’ve never been really sure he’s really an American. Kenya had huge tourist billboard that says “Birth. place of Barrack Obama”. And is that really his name?

    1. Anyone who hides his Past,as bho did,spends millions $$
      sure as hell,is not an honest person.
      bho proofed this all along,(I am a christian)No me NOT!!!

  2. Joker biden isn’t the president. He is a puppet and the democrats are using him as a sacrifice for their true agenda.

    1. Yes Mad Dog. Unfortunately there’s still many out there that don’t see the forrest for the trees.
      How’s that unity coming along???? Hahaha

    2. Biden is compromised. He has to do what the left tells him to do. (He may not even know any difference.) He is compromised by his relationship with China and his cognitive failing. Biden is unfit to hold office.

  3. Wow , Obama calling the kettle black against Trump. Obama was not great either , Obama started racism in America that is Obamas legacy.

    1. I tried to upvote this comment but my attempt resulted instead in a down vote which I could not reverse. Is there something else going on here ? At best, false impression results. At worst, that is the intention.

      1. I’ve noticed that too. Also, from time to time the posting format changes. Do you all know what’s going on?

    2. We find ourselves here today because of him.
      And, the unfortunate truth is that, that’s exactly what he wanted.

  4. A lunatic never sees himself as being one. There are many things Obama refused to see, the most Important one being that, as President of the USA, one does not support our most outspoken enemy financially, which he did at the expense of our friends such as Israel. A good Predident doesn’t belittle and financially strangle its own armed forces while providing its enemy with billions. The list of how Obama did forsake the US is too long to list.

    1. The thing that Obama did that teed me off most was his “Apology Tour for America”. He BOWED to several heads of state and ran America down.

    2. Sending billions of dollars to Iran, an adversary of the US and world sponsor of terrorism, while our men and women were in harms way in the ME was a treasonous act. No one in Congress stood up for them that I recall.

  5. Obutthole just needs to talk bad about Trump to try & make himself look good. However it only makes him look petty,& racist!

  6. The tax-payer sucking obamas can say what they want, but i still find it interesting that they are all ok with an election that any sane person KNOWS was stolen. No freaking way did Biden get 80 mil votes!!

    1. yes he did,iF you HATE DJT as much as the democrats.
      just look what they teach them in our schools now!!
      Demo.rats cheat!!!!!!!!!

  7. Obama must be happy now. His “fundamental transformation of America” is now moving at breathtaking speed and could well cause the next civil war. Biden is worse than Obama, and I didn’t think I would say that about any president in my lifetime.

      1. @ Waybe and Candy, you are both spot on.
        The plan is coming together as they planned.
        I don’t have the words to express my sadness and disgust.

  8. Even obuthead knows hidenbiden isn’t the real president, but a puppet on a string. How much clearer could he be, he knew lying,corrupt, racist,sexualperv,puppet, was a stand in. that was mentally handcapped.

  9. No worries Obama’s thugs running the DOJ&FBI/CIA ran plenty of diversions to make sure joe won even paying Dominion for altered machines and still covering it up

  10. Poor Joe even the Black Messiah thinks he is an idiot Wonder where his best Buds bracelet is???? LOL

  11. I don’t believe a word of that. Obama is the one making all these bad decisions. They don’t even want Biden to talk, he says he might get in trouble, they picked Biden because he’s loosing it and they can control him. And he already blew it with the video, where he tell people “We’ve pulled off the biggest election fraud in America, except for Obama’s last election.

  12. Obama began as an “acorn activist, a radical group in Chicago. He did nothing for Chicago which we “see” today with murders & that “whacko” Lightfoot, but he used this as stepping stone, furthered by Oprah Winfrey,, to make political gains. This was the beginning of the end for America. I didn’t vote for him but I “thought” maybe there is hope. Forget that! His brother “says” that he was born in Kenya, yet his birth certificate is “dubious” @ best for Hawaii. The way the Dems are going, they will put up “somebody” from Russia, China or Iran!

  13. He didn’t mind that he won, because he knew plain and clear that he wouldn’t be running the country and it would be his 3rd term to accomplish all he didn’t in 2.

  14. Biden is not our President. He is a Chinese advocating puppet on a Chinese Communist, U.
    N. Agenda 21 New World Order string being used to try to implement Agenda 21, end our Sovereignty and make all of American Citizens puppets dependent on that Creation with U.N. to be Secretary-General Barack Obama, as the 1st in effect World Emperor of a 12th century Medieval dictatorship with the political elite and corporate heads of the world as the Nobility, and all private citizens of every country as serfs. You can see the Foundation for such being built as we are further divided by design by the Leftist loons now in power if YOU LOOK AT IT WITH OPEN EYES, EARS THAT HEAR AND A BRAIN THAT FUNCTIONS! The 2020 election was the greatest fraud in national history.and the corrupt SJC failed its duty and obligation to hear the numerous sworn affidavits of mass irregularities but REFUSED to do so NOW, the Regressive Democrats are trying to make the irregularities a permanent part of the system.PERIOD. We cannot allow that to happen or we will cease to exist as a Constitutional Republic with individual liberties, personal choices and an equitable Justice system AND A DARK FUTURE FOR OUR PROGENY WHICH S ALREADY IN SEVERE JEOPARDY OF BEING FOREVER LOST!

    1. You are right in everything you have said here. I think most of the people who come here would agree. Any suggestions on how we can stand up and fix this problem?? I’m open to what you have to say. Also, the Republicans have become so lax that it’s hard to seperate the good guys from the bad, and they keep coming up with one bad candidate after another. I was and am a big fan of Trump, and I believe that we need to fill Congress on the Republican side with more like him. It wouldn’t hurt to fill BOTH sides of the aisle with people like him. But, with the schools churning out little robots who can’t or won’t think for themselves, it’s going to be a very hard process. One of my own daughters voted for Bidumb because she “didn’t like the way Trump talks”. I nearly fainted. I taught my kids to think for themselves, but since she moved to WA., state 9 years ago, she has become progressively more Liberal in her thinking. Or should I say her LACK of thinking. Anyway, I would love to know what you think we can do to fix things. Thanks.

  15. Both Obama and Biden are Manchurian candidates in my book: both are bait-and-switch puppets used by sinister globalist forces who want to control us.

  16. Obama didn’t campaign for Biden; perhaps because they knew that they had the campaign won with their fraudulent actions. Biden said so himself. No one questioned him! Hillary didn’t campaign either – maybe it’s just the Democrat way!


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