GOP Senator Admits Election Results Were not Skewed

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During a conversation with a “woman posing as a conservative” GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told her that the results in Wisconsin’s 2020 election were “mot skewed.”

It is unknown why the woman had to “pose as a conservative” to get this particular answer, but the liberal media in Milwaukee decided it was pertinent information.

According to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Oshkosh Republican made the comment to a liberal activist who posed as a conservative at a Republican event held Sunday. She posted a video of their exchange on Twitter on Tuesday.

“There’s nothing obviously skewed about the results,” Johnson said.

He noted Republicans collectively received more votes in races for other offices.

“If all the Republicans voted for Trump the way they voted for the Assembly candidates, he would have won,” Johnson said. “He didn’t get 51,000 votes that other Republicans got, and that’s why he lost.”

Johnson told the woman to not focus on the machines, but instead focus on the events that allowed voters to turn in absentee ballots to poll workers in parks, and non-profit money given to run elections from Mark Zuckerburg, and the decision of places like Milwaukee to count absentee ballots at one central location instead of at the individual precints.

The manipulation of the election rules is something that Johnson feels is what swayed the results, not voting machine.

  1. some republicans are as lame as most democrats. cheating was rampant and it doesnt take a brain ssturgeon to know that. we need to clean up elections and redo that one last november that was blatantly robbed in the middle of the night…..wisconsin, you have a gop rino that needs to be sent to the wood shop. time for change

    1. Been proven over time there is never enough cheating in an election to have an effect. I’m tired of us blaming imaginary things when the problem was us not keeping Trump off of social media. He does that and we are in control another four years. Most people voted Republican but could not vote for Trump, who we all know is a vile and repulsive idiot

      1. Woody, please tell me exactly what triggered you so much about the President being on social media????
        I don’t have any accounts on any of “that” other social media. Never could follow him.
        I cared about what he did for the country.
        However, in his defense, it was his only way to connect with his base, since the media did nothing but criticize him for 4 years.
        Soooooo, what say you???

      2. No true results have been released, how can anyone know for sure until they are? If the results prove there want no fraud then let every investigation results be published an quit fighting the info!

    1. The fourteenth amendment which is not included in the Bill of rights gives us the right to have a new election.

    2. I think he’s wrong. I believe the only reason the down ballot republicans won was because of what Trump was doing for the country.

    1. the voting machines in question were purposely designed to change votes.through a remote unit the vote can be modified to remove or add votes to skew the election.

  2. When voting rules by the donkeycraps, were changed at the last minute, and not even legal, what the hell do u expect. U have half of the repuke party, that wouldn’t even question the election, even with fraud was found in over 12 states, now many more. If the repukes don’t get this voting,and laws straightened out, they will never win an election again, and what base u have,which is for mainly forTrump, u will lose and lose, and screw over half this country,u will regret being in government.

    1. We will not have to worry for the next one… The new Dem passed 3.5 trillion dollar bill also has a complete take over of elections from DC. If you read it, all votes are counted..late, early, no ID, no checking to see if legal votes…. 6 Dems were opposed, but sweet Nancy convince them or work out of the boiloer rooms with no access to a computer, phones.. they all voted yes, lets do it…

        1. No it didn’t so keep writing and pounding congress and the senate or this will destroy our country’s election!!

          1. The next elections may have to be done with guns…we are being taken over by traitors and outside influencers.

    2. Hey Joe how did President Trump lose Pennsylvania being up several hundred thousand vote and then loses the State of Pennsylvania in one day. Of Course the Tractor Trailer Arrived Loaded up with Votes coming out of New York. The driver swore on an Affidavit of what he delivered to Pennsylvania. And the Supreme Court said there was no standing for them to investigate this Voter Fraud. The 5 Battle Ground states that changed their voting regulations& Laws did it ILLEGALLY w/o the States Legislatures approval. Big Tech Money and the FAKE News Media had a lot to do with the outcome of the Election. Why didn’t Hunter Biden been exposed in 2018 for using his Father’s influence to obtain great wealth for the entire Biden family. If that was Donald Trump Jr. you know the DOJ/FBI would have it all over the News. And what about the Fake Russia Hoax that the DOJ has been investigating for years now and still haven’t brought anyone to Justice except a Low Level Attorney who edited the E-mail in regards to Carter Paige. John Durham is the Next one to be threatened by the Deep State or Paid off for not releasing his findings or for changing his findings in Favor of the Democrats who started the Russia Hoax in the First Place. I firmly believe that we will see an insurrection against most of our Politicians as some apparently stay in their Political Positions just to obtain great wealth. How about the 19 Republicans who voted for the 1.9 Trillion Dollar infrastructure Bill which will allow the Dems to pass another 3.5 to 5 Trillion Dollar Budget. The Politicians always have their ASSES Covered one way or another.

  3. Either this guy is dumb or he is on on this crap there is evidence that the dominion machines have been rig as well as all the other stuff we need answers not platitudes from these a holes

  4. Screw Ron Johnson, he is pandering or just plain stupid. That the election was stolen by fraud is clearly evident in Wisconsin and other states.

    1. He is probably running in the next election and doesn’t want to side with Trump. time to get rid of the RINO. The RNC needs to screen those that run on the Republican ticket because it totally frustrates those that are actual Republican and see these RINOs voting against the Republican ticket, bills etc.

  5. I am surprised I thought for sure this would be Romney saying this! As we all now this past election was nothing but fraud no matter what way you look at it! This guy is a typical RINO just like RoMNEY and his other RINO buddies. They live in denial…

    1. Read the whole article! The person who wrote it waited until the last sentence to reveal what Johnson actually said. This is a good example of sophism in writing today.

  6. Ron Johnson is not a real GOP person, he is a rino. He does not admit what he has to know exists in his state election results of 2020. And fraud is so easy to spot these days. AZ is doing it right. Get rid of these frauds of elected fakers like this guy.

    Of course, because of leaders like Old Ron, the good old go along get along fellow, not of the past fraud will be prevented in 2022 or likely even 2024. And you will be stuck with him or a dim wit until that changes.

    Elect better and volunteer to help audit the election. Prepare for the midnight switches, don’t leave until they all leave too. Then watch to make sure they don’t sneak back in!

  7. Someone needs to check and see has received lately any monies from Domain or any other questionable groups…His statement :SINKS”!!!

  8. Then, I hope to hell Ron Johnson is arrested by the military. He is jumping the gun as the full voting information is not yet complete.

  9. The BIG LIE wasn’t what they stated, that moniker was attached to provide a memory program to insinuate that the voting wasn’t corrupt. It’s already been proven that the voting machines programmed by Dominion was producing invalid results. It’s on video that the “mail-in votes” was a corrupt vote and the smoking gun that around 40 million illegals or non-registered people voted. Only an idiot would even suggest that 50% of the legal eligible citizens were registered to vote. Think, half of the US population isn’t even of voting age, let alone registered. However, if you allow 40 million illegals vote then you can generate sufficient numbers, thanks to “Motor Voter” laws in the United States. Which explains why Democratic States wanted to get illegals driver’s licenses, to get them registered to vote. You don’t remember Obama going on TV and promoting everyone to “go out and vote,further stating “Immigration is not going to show up at your doorstep”. Did you think he was speaking to eligible “legal’ citizens?

  10. The entire bill is an attempt to eliminate ID verifications, if they stop checking ID;s then we are being forced to vote by mail, then do a walk-in vote. This will skew the votes tremendously!

  11. The headline of this article does not reflect the official’s final statement of where to look for the fraud. He actually told her in the very last paragraph of what is written here.

  12. Johnson has no idea that they can skew the votes up and down the ballot in any way they want. He is completely ignorant in this area.

  13. It is time we all wake up. It has been clear to me something is very wrong with this two party system. It is no longer a two party system there are no checks and balances. One party has all the power and the conservative party has the virtue and good ideas. In 1962 John Kennedy allowed the Federal employees to Unionize. As a result fast forward to today. Every government agency and office are now Union members of which i have heard some 90% are Democrats. These employees Consider their loyalties to the Unions of the Democratic Party. Many of which will do anything to maintain their power. All the things we conservatives consider unfair, or wrong of course are used to raise contributions, but nothing to really solve the underlining problem. The Deep State is the Public Employee unions which have total control no matter which party is in office. Just look what they did to President Trump during his time in office. Look what they did during the November Elections. The Voter registrar, IRS, CIA, DOJ, Teachers, Hollywood, News Media ( which are part of Hollywood ), and all of the major trade unions all are against American citizens being free or to have the right to shear thoughts unless they agree with the left. The power is in their total control, and they are using it against common since. The unions put in governor Brown in California for two additional terms because they could control his every move, and give the government employees unions more power more Union jobs withe higher government paychecks, but less efficiency or responsibility. The same thing with President Biden. Most of the stimulus money went to government employees to do less or not work at all 
    ( PAYBACK ). If you notice no one seems to pay for Fast & Furious, Clinton Emails, Muller Fraud, Hunter Biden, and all other crimes that any one with a conservative point of view would immediately be prosecuted for. This is the Deep Union State/ Democratic’s control they will have total control until America is destroyed. Instead of beating around the bush with each symptom of the problem recognition of the problem is needed to find a solution. There will always be differences of opinion life’s circumstances adjust our points of view, but total controle of our government agencies are leading us to be a Communist country. The Unions helped Russia become a Communist country, and history is repeating itself. There may be a few ways to change back to a balanced system with all the complications with so many Americans owing their livelihoods to the government. I have only been able to come up with one. Every Conservative at the wright time, change their party designation to a D instead of an R, and take over the Democratic Party including party leaders Senate and Congress. Since this is what the Democrats seem to want. Except we would all be one party I think with more conservative view points. This may take away from the union controle, and allow better representation. I don’t relish the idea of a D by my registration, but I would like to get back to both parties doing what is best to represent American interests. My thoughts continue to find a good solution, someone else’s thoughts may come up with a better one. I listen to a lot of conservative talk shows, and hear what they are saying but never quite getting to the cause of the problem I think it is the dominance of the Public Employees Unions.

  14. What I find interesting about this article, that is not being SHOUTED about, is the admission of a liberal democRAT activist who LIED to a U.S. Senator. LIARS LIE! And don’t try to say, “Oh, well that’s anecdotal – can’t paint all democRATs as LIARS.” OH YES I CAN! Many democRAT voters are now lying about “not” voting for Bite-me. Bovine feces!

  15. When you look at the entire situation and think globalization, everything falls into perspective. Perfectly.

  16. Back in 2013, Joe and Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden, a dropout with no business experience, landed a $1.5 billion deal with a Communist Chinese Government’s Bank of China subsidiary.

    1. We as a freedom loving country cannot let this family take down our country! The Biden Presidency in Peril? The whole nation is in peril with this brain-dead bum placed in the WH! The entire free world is also at risk, they do not trust this regime!!! He has got to get out, the entire regime.

  17. To me, it is clear that the GOP SENATOR is sadly part of a growing number of United States Officials that are more Communist Minded than Freedom Loving Americans. As far-fetched as it will sound, we are nine months overdue for a second American Civil War. For if Slow Joe and the Democrats are allowed to continue for another three years and three months, it will by then be a Full Blown Communist Nation.

  18. Wait, he doesn’t say that the election results weren’t skewed… He says it wasn’t the fault of the voting machines, even as he’s enumerating all the ways it was skewed (and a very incomplete list it was) – I mean, seriously, does it matter, with well over 100K “dubious votes” for Biden in Georgia, a state Biden supposedly won by between 10K and 30K votes (which “range” ought to give you pause, when they can’t even calculate the actual results), whether that disparity was caused by the voting machines or by poll workers pulling boxes of spurious ballots (wrong paper, no watermarks, unfolded the way they should have been, etc, etc.) out from under their tables? It’s kinda like claiming that “no guns were used” in a murder, when the victim has an axe buried in his head. Yes, it’s true, but he’s still dead… This is just the utterly compromised MSM putting the best spin they can on news which should be devastating to their cause. The voting machines are innocent, even tho’ the election was rigged and stolen. Give me a break…

  19. Why would people vote for the most corrupt ,disliked ,demented Biden? Oh yea that’s right ….Trump posted mean tweets.

  20. Ron Johnson, that’s a stupid thing to say. I thought you were smarter than that. Give your head a good shake.

  21. Rhinos are coming out of the woodwork. If, as Johnson has said, that the votes weren’t schewed, then why did the state of Wisconsin make every attempt to stop the audit. It was schewed and everybody knows it.

  22. The initial statistical analysis of the votes on election night concluded that it was IMPOSSIBLE for Biden or anyone else to have won, or to have accumulated the votes that were reported as his. The endless amount of fraudulent votes that were counted, clearly shows tens of thousands of votes going at times 100% to Biden, counted without witnesses, and in many cases adding up to tens of thousands of votes in excess of the
    actual number of voters. Not one judge at any level, ever allowed the Trump lawsuits to be heard on their merits. SCOTUS finished this historic fraud by refusing to intervene ! They treated our landslide re-election of Trump like it was a UFO sighting and their judgement was to not risk telling the American people the truth ! The corruption goes way beyond the Dems and the media ! This was a globalist ruling elites act of war against the American people !!

  23. In Pennsylvania Trump led Biden by a sizeable margin most of us thought was insurmountable and, lo and behold, Trump lost. Similar unexpected results were noted elsewhere. I, for one, continue to believe that Trump actually won.

  24. This wreaks of propaganda. A liberal decided to pose as a conservative in order to get a quote from a RINO, a liberal republican at the least, that would support the narrative they want to propagandize is telling. They want to say “see even the republican that lost in Wisconsin doesn’t think there was fraud” and that’s as far as most people will read into this.

  25. The cheating was rampant in every aspect of the election. Zuckerberg and Soros belong in a federal prison for the rest of their lives and should be fined several billion apiece. The system and the voting machines were all programmed long before the actual election

  26. The only thing from that story is that Sen Johnson believes that it was voting fraud that defeated Trump and that he believes that the voting machine ‘question’ wasn’t what did it for the dems.

  27. I hope this fool isnt another paul ryan that takes money from soros. they should also look into the last governor race, there is no way that nut case you have now could beat scot walker in a fair election.

  28. Without trying to figure out what “mot skewed” means, the recording of Dr. Frank on speaks for itself. His ability to “forecast” county tallies based on the 2010 census is beyond explanation. We are in a tough position if this situation isn’t cured.

  29. An example of what is wrong with the Republican Party. RINOs.
    We all despise Pelosi, but you have to give her credit that she can deliver the vote of every democomm, every time. The Republicans are like herding cats.

  30. The last line of this report reveals the real intent of Senator Johnson. Your headlines are disturbing and untrue. Clearly Senator Johnson feels that the voting was illegal via the way mailed in ballots were counted and collected, not the machines. Is this the way you roll?

  31. This is typical Democrat ‘truth bending’ when they are extremely worried about being caught. It is untruths like this that caused me to leave the DNC 45 years ago.

  32. If he really believes that have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale. Guess he needs to be replaced with a true republican.

  33. Whether it was stolen or not (and it was) you got to stop being such cry babies. Election was certified so that’s that. Move on. Use your energy on the future instead of the past and he might get re-elected in 2024. But when the 200,000 people who vote Republican or Democrat vote Democrat because they don’t want to be associated with dummies who still cry about the election or think they don’t need to be vaccinated or that the Earth is flat, this costs us the election! Be the side that seems intelligent and logical. Not the side that is dopey

  34. What a joke this article is. Suuuuuuurrrrre, no election fraud. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ho!!!! What a bunch of lies and liars. Massive evidence of vote cheating.


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