New Poll Shows Majority Republicans say Trump is True President

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A recently conducted Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that a majority of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is the lawful president. The poll conducted from May 17 to 19 also shows a majority of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election results were tainted by widespread fraud.

The Hill reports:

The survey found that just over half of Republicans — 53 percent — think that Trump remains the “true president,” despite losing to President Biden last year by roughly 7 million votes nationally. Even more — 61 percent — believe either strongly or somewhat that the 2020 election was “stolen” from the former president.

Similarly, 56 percent of Republican respondents said that the presidential election had been marred by illegal voting or “election rigging,” a baseless claim that Trump has made repeatedly in the more than six months since Election Day.

The Reuters-Ipsos poll is based on responses from 2,007 U.S. adults, including 754 Republicans, 909 Democrats and 196 independents. It has a credibility interval of 3.7 percentage points for Democrats, 4.1 percentage points for Republicans and 8 percentage points for independents.

Trump released a statement about the new poll:

“A new Ipsos/Reuters poll ‘Beliefs Among Republicans’ shows 53% believe Donald Trump is the true President (I always knew America was smart!). 2020 Election was tainted 56%. The Election was stolen (and Rigged!) 61%,” Trump wrote.

      1. They should try both thieving retards currently in the White House for TREASON under the UCMJ Laws! That way there is no possibility for them to get out of it 1. Death by hanging 2 Death by Firing Squad, unlike civilian law up to 10 years in a penthouse they call a prison cell!

      2. Because we have a totally corrupted dual standardized justice system in which the DOJ is a massive fraud and SO IS THE SJC WITH JOHN ROBERTS AS CHIEF JUSTICE! He has a duty and obligation to at least HEAR the allegations of fraud as there were many sworn affidavits alledging irregularities rigging, fraud, dead voters, Dominion electronic fraud, mail in irregularities and ballot harvesting plus other unsavory practices but all remain un-investigated. This WAS the most fraudulent election in U.S. Hstory and I am a 76 year old , 100%Agent Orange disabled Vietnam Veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive with a degree in GOVERNMENT earned BEFORE so serving in 1967, then after the Vietnam tour in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, spent his last 2 years as staff in the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then in 1969 on Georgia Ave, NW. It was a SWAMP OF THE OLIARCHY OF THE POLITICALLY POWERFUL AND POWER HUNGRY, THIEVING, PREVARICATING PUNDITS AND CAREER PARASITES WHO LIVE OFF THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE BUT, DO NOT! We NEED strictly enforced TERM LIMITS and a Civilian Evaluation and Review Board to prevent these filth from raping and robbing us all further and then giving themselves raises for theit own incomeptenceTHEIR PITIFUL AND PATHETIC PERFOMANCE RECORDS AND THE GENERATION OF A NEARLY $30 TRILLON DEBTINCREASED TO THAT LEVEL FROM THE $8 TRILLION WHEN OBAMA WAS ELECTED IN 2008, CONFIRMS THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNACCOUNTABLE INCOMOETNCE AND OUTRIGHT CRIMINALITY! PERIOD.

        1. WOW!! WELL SAID!!! And THANK YOU For your SERVICE!!! I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!!

  1. Biden is NOT the president nor could I ever except him as one. He is living a lie and we all know it…

  2. They got away with it because there to many rinos in the republican voting for them so the republicans can keep control dos no good because it’s those same rinos that side with the democrats it only destroying the Republican Party

  3. I’m sick of all the puke websites saying “baseless “ claims or “debunked “ election fraud claims. We all know it happened. The left wing media sucks hind tit.

  4. Why do they always say the rigged election is baseless? The facts and evidence is right there. The election was stolen from President Trump

    1. Got that right! And God Himself saw it. He’s just playing the vote fraudsters, letting the demonic Dems and RINOs think they got away with stealing the election from Trump, for a little while, but watch what He does, and soon. It aint gonna be pretty for the criminals when it all hits the fan.

    2. And therefore President Trump should be moved into the WH immediately, and criminals Biden,, and usurper not eligible anchor-baby Kommie Harris moved into prison without bail to await trial for election FRAUD and TREASON.


  5. Trump did NOT lose by 7 MILLION votes. There 134 MILLION registered voters. Trump received 74.9 MILLION votes. Do the math.

  6. With the way DEMOASS’S are destroying our country and nothing is being done about it I’m not proud to be an American. My grandparents immigrated legally from Canada. Pure Mohawk from Quebec on my mothers side. Same for my father. German from Germany on his side with Blackfoot through marriage. How can these azz holes in ANTIFA and BLM want me to give them everything? Our family never owned any slaves but were on a resevation which is like being one. I GET NOTHING FOR FREE FROM CANADA OR THE US.

    1. Americans outrage against. DNC, Antifa/BLM, Media liars, Biden,, Obama,, Clintons, Pelosi,, Congress,, USSC Roberts,, is fully deserved! Grease up the guillotines!

  7. The power elite were fools to believe they’d ever convince Republicans to deny what’s in front of our eyes. Election fraud matters. Biden has no legitimacy. We intend to force his removal from office after the 2022 elections (if he survives that long). This fight is not over.

  8. How the hell could anybody explain in any meaningful way how this brain-damaged person claims to have gotten 81M votes and then could not muster more a couple hundred participants at any of his :rallies:? HUH??? His handlers have complete control and it is more than doubtful that he has a single clue! P.S. The key word in the statement is “LAWFUL”!!

    1. Biden is completely clueless the Dems and the RINOS needed a puppet so they could destroy any good that our President Trump did. Biden is a joke and there is NO WAY he won that election. There is PROOF and I just wish that it comes out and someone GOES TO JAIL.

  9. National Grown Terrorists along with Enemy Countries around the world overthrew the American Government in 2020. Donald J. Trump is the True President of the United States of America with millions and millions of more votes than this imposter could ever receive. I find it despicable that we are asked if we will vote for Donald J. Trump in 2024. He needs to be back running our country as America voted for him to be President in 2020. Also at this time, since these terrorists which include many Judges and even the Supreme Court Judges, we should extend President Trump’s Presidency term due to America being overthrown for so many months…and possibly longer. When these terrorists, all of them, are brought up for TREASON…they should receive the death penalty. These terrorists include the left STATE Socialist/Marxist Media and their so called journalists, who should also be brought up on charges as well. God will bring all this to the LIGHT as He is LIGHT.

  10. The Dems would rather kill Americans than expose the truth of this fraudulent election. If it could be reversed, I would be overjoyed, but Obama weaponized the entire government and the lack of permitting audits is proof of their fraud and corruption. When the DOJ and Supreme Court are against the law and the military is weaponized, how do we overcome this? Even if election fraud is proven, the radicals will not permit takeover of the Whitehouse. Despite certification, cheaters should not be permitted to stay in office, but should be charged with treason. I have not seen anyone mention this. My biggest objection of the Republicans is how weak they are and do not fight. When they do, the Rhinos, which are disguised Dems, do everything to obstruct and resist.

  11. Biden Is not The Head Of The White House Harris Is Biden Is Being Used By The Communist ,Neoue Nautsies Marksist And Radical Islomics

  12. The majority of Republicans (or perhaps the 74 million+ who voted for President Trump) who think that President Trump is the lawful President need to tell the State Representatives to investigate the election thoroughly. If the election has been stolen we must know. The State Reps. must do their job to make sure the 2020 election was without fraud. They took the oath of office. It is their responsibility/obligation. There is evidence of fraud and it must be thoroughly investigated. Seventy four million voters should stand with President Trump, our nation and the rule of law.

  13. The election was stollen from President Trump and other Republicans, we all know it, and we want something done about it. The left does anything to win, they are corrupt and lawless and will destroy this country.

  14. We all know Biden is a puppet and someone else is pulling his strings. What I’d really like to know is who is really the acting president of the USA at this point? Can some old fashion investigative journalist find out who is behind the curtain?

  15. DJT stands among the finest Presidents we’ve ever had and the craven courts refused to hear or examine evidence of election fraud. A pox upon them! Joe Blow is a diseased puppet stand-in for a certain Kenyan imposter who swore an oath to Satan to bring us down.

  16. Biden is a FRAUD!! He got into the Oval OFFICE by FRAUD!!! Trump is MY PRESIDENT, and until he is back in office, THAT is how it STANDS!!!

  17. Biden illegally stole the 2020 election. How can I even think of considering him legal? How can I trust him? I can’t and I don’t. And I doubt I am the only one who feels this way. I don’t believe or trust the fake news media, the Dem leadership, RINO’S, Pelosi, Waters, globalist, Newsom, the Michigan governor, Harris to name a few, none of those who would destroy, divide, intimidate, promote hate, power hungry money wasters who do not care a lick about how America really votes. They don’t care about what America wants. They only want THEIR way. Disagree with them and they call you nasty names. They also promote and support the mass murder of the innocent unborn. They also refuse life saving medical attention/help for newborns who survive abortion. No. I am not part of them, who they are, what they do, or the lies they spread. They help Israel’s enemies, those wanting to murder every Jewish person alive. They are racist, anti-Christian, anti Israel, anti male, anti black, anti white, anti family, anti female, anti American Constitution, anti Bible………..need I say more?

  18. Biden will never be our president. He is a fraud and the Demoncrats cheated and there is proof. The true president is Donald J Trump. HE WON THAT ELECTION AND IS OUR REAL PRESIDENT!


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