New Book Says Biden was ‘Torn’ Over Choosing Harris as Running Mate After Debate ‘Bull–t’

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore flickr.

President Biden was reportedly “torn” when it came to selecting his Vice President and Edward-Isaac Dovere’s new book signals Kamala Harris was not necessarily his first pick. According to Dovere, Biden was torn between Harris and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and his contention stemmed from a 2019 Democrat primary debate.

Fox News reports:

“Two days before Biden announced Harris, he called [House Majority Whip Jim] Clyburn,” Dovere wrote. “A decision that he originally said would be made the first week in August had drifted already well into the second week. He knew, he knew, Biden told Clyburn, and though he was almost there, he was struggling. ‘I’m torn,’ he said, ‘between my head and my heart.’”

During that debate, Harris criticized comments by the former vice president spotlighting his ability to find common ground during the 1970s with segregationist senators with whom he disagreed, and over his opposition decades ago to federally mandated school busing.

“She thought it was a fair hit,” Dovere continued. “This is a debate, she said, and debates were supposed to be about differences. She wasn’t running for VP, despite what so many people – Biden included – assumed. She was running to be president, to beat Biden and everyone else. She wanted everyone to know that. Onstage, she seized her moment.”

“A few minutes later, the moderators paused for a commercial break,” Dovere wrote. “Biden leaned over to Buttigieg, at the podium to his right. They barely knew each other, but Biden was looking for someone to share the moment with. ‘Well,’ he said. ‘That was some f—ing bull—.’”

Watch the moments leading up to Biden’s message to now Transportation Secretary Buttigieg where the debate cut to a commercial break.

[jwplayer q9HCH8iI-lzmB6GEw]

Dovere’s book also notes that Biden’s wife Jill took extreme offense to Harris’s attack against Biden and reportedly said to close supporters on the phone for Harris to “go f–k herself.”

      1. Yeah, and that POS excreting over the whole nation ? Hell neither one of those worthless scumbags passed the smell test !!!!!

  1. Who cares now? Today the problems are Biden, Obama, Soros, DNC, China, RINOS, USA needs President Trump in Office IMMEDIATELY!

    1. I agree, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. We just have to prepare and work hard for 2022 and 2024.

  2. This is my opinion of Biden …. He is a Dangerous empty headed old man (puppet) in power of Our Great Country The United States of America that is Armed with a Pen!🖋 We are so vulnerable & are the laughing stock of other Countries! Every time you think it can’t get worse it does! The News covers for them all the time!I couldn’t believe he had a mask on in front of a computer screen talking to World Leaders! We need to stand United & impeach Him! These evil people in power have done so much damage in a short amount of time & getting worse by the day! This is our Country! We pay them & they work for us! I’m not a sheep! Instead of complaining let’s Start somewhere…..meetings with family & friends. Then have them invite others…. it will grow people….you know it will! We need to make a stand! This is Memorial weekend & I think of all our Military’s Sacrifices for our Great Country. We are doing nothing & basically allowing it To being torn down from within & you think we are ok with that?

    1. Man, your post is the POST OF THE DAY!
      For sure. We ourselves are already involved in a group of people strategizing for the upcoming elections. Our friends are like minded and do is our small family. But, not all are, and everyone is in accord to move the post forward and working on those that need awakening.
      You totally nailed it! Thank you

  3. There were no decent candidates running for President or Vice President for the Democrats. Only the scum of the party!

  4. My God, the Democrat Political Party is full of communists/socialist with very little intelligence and no common sense. It wouldn’t matter who you team Senile Joe with. Cackles Harris or Witless Whitmer are two peas in a pod. Our country is in trouble and I don’t pretend to know how bad it is going to get. I’ll just leave it at “REAL BAD”.

  5. Biden was upset because plagiarist junior was actually smart enough to point out the white supremacy relationships that he so enjoyed in the70’s? The American people have such short memories. ANYONE can do the research in 20 minutes online. It’s amazing that so many people have been so brainwashed that they believe all the bullsh*t that was spewed by the democrats about President Trump and don’t realize that the democrats are the guilty ones.

  6. It depends on who is dumber? Harris or Whitmer? I have to go with Harris. Whitmer seems to have a mean streak.

  7. So I guess she’s going to pander you might as well mega pander.The only thing he could’ve added to it as if she was a LGBTQRSTUV.

  8. All these online cheap shots may make you feel better, but the real issue is- when the time comes-faster than most people realize- will you stand with other Patriotic Americans to take back this Country, or will you stay in the shadows of these meaningless chat forums ???


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