Pro-Russia Pipeline Lobbyist Also Donated To Biden Campaign, Pro-Biden Super PAC

(Official White House Photo by David Lienemann), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A report compiled by The Center for Responsive Politics alleges that a lobbyist for the foreign partners of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline gave thousands of dollars to President Joe Biden’s campaign and a pro-Biden super PAC.

The Center for Responsive Politics is a nonpartisan, non-profit that tracks the effects of money and lobbying on elections and public policy.

The Daily Wire reports:

McLarty managing partner Richard Burt, the former U.S. Ambassador to West Germany and a member of several influential Washington think-tanks, reported lobbying for a slate of foreign companies that have partnered on the project on “Russian sanctions issues” and “natural gas as an element of European energy security.” Burt donated $2,000 to Biden’s 2020 campaign and $10,000 to pro-Biden super PAC Unite the Country while he was a registered lobbyist for foreign companies partnering with Nord Stream on the pipeline. Biden’s campaign had not refunded Burt’s money at the time of publication, more than 6 months after the donations were given, despite pledging to reject lobbyist donations.

Because firms working for proponents of the pipeline registered under the Lobbying Disclosure Act instead of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, details of which government officials the lobbyists met with remain hidden from the public.

The report comes days after Axios revealed that President Biden is waiving sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pipeline will give Russia’s President Putin a stranglehold on European gas and significantly increase his power in the area.

  1. Well the cats out of the bag there is always a n ulterior motive to what this crime family does. It’s called enriching their pockets this is what joe will do every time. As what I have always heard follow the money. He will never change.

  2. And this surprises why? Everyone knows this corrupt, Brain dead POS has been screwing all Americans for the last 50+ years

  3. With all the blatant evidence of criminal activity in the Biden crime family, why is creepy/gropey Joe still walking around as a free man? He and his dope head son should have been locked up for quite a while.

    1. Well your question brings to mind a certain….BLACK preacher that has owned millions (I do believe) to the IRS and nothing has been done to him, yet us so called average people have our pay taken, etc etc…..And biden/his family are SOUL brothers to this pile of crap.So your question is a good one….why are the two of them still free and so many others?

      1. That would be the “Alleged Black Preacher” . The one who made crying racism profitable . The one who got rich while is followers got poorer .

          1. Yep, that so called minister is also a liar! When he is, on rare occasions, questioned about his tax bill he says his taxes are paid, he owes nothing and then he says, next question! I have seen and heard this with my own lying eyes and ears!

    1. Except for a select few, I would say that for the most part they are a bunch of cowardly wimps.

    2. Frank, we don’t have control over the house. That’s where impeachment starts.
      Now, please work very hard on any family and friends who voted for this disaster to wake up in 2022 and 2024.

        1. We have to vote because there will be an over abundance voting for Trump and their is no way they will do it again. The ppl will revolt and that will be the end and they will come together they always do

          1. Americans must always vote……it is our responsibility and the American way!

          2. Americans must make sure our elections are free and fair. That starts with the State Representatives.

    3. Probably because they know Pelosi will not bring a impeachment bill up for a vote in the House! That’s called “wasted motion”!

    1. Do you REALLY think a LIB controlled House is going to start impeachment on THEIR CHOICE???

  4. OMG. When are Americans going to kick that old buffoon out of our White House and get someone with a “Working Brain” back in the Oval Office.

    This pathetic democrat administration is being run like a High School Student Government! In fact, my own High School Student Govt was a lot more productive and diplomatic than this biddy boy mess of a govt. Sorry, Kamala is a pitiful V.P. and needs to return to a different career. No one across our great country even acknowledges her as a VP and most people just refer to her as that Black or Asian or whatever nationality she is woman who works at the White House!

    Until we put a President back in the White House that is respected by all the European Nations, our enemies will know they can pretty much do what they want because our president is senile and feeble minded.

    The Biden administration has put Americans into “Danger” like no other administration and the democrats who put him there are just as clueless and dense about their actions. Beware Americans, our Nation has lost its SECURITY and RESPECT…and Biden is the #1 reason our Nation is failing.

    Democrats have always been “about themselves” not about anyone else including the American people. They are a “clueless” group of people struggling every day to promote their agendas no matter what those agendas do to our Nation. That, my friend, is pure idiocy to let happen to our Country.

    1. Too many registered Republicans lack that “Working Brain”. I recently conversed with a female high school classmate. She is a life-time GOPer. She said for four years she regretted voting for Trump. Aggressive and arrogant you know. She just doesn’t like him. She said she like Biden a lot better and is proud to have voted for him…Too many Republicans are that stupid.

      1. Agreed. And many many more Democrats. Not seeing the results of their horrendous voting choices truly amazes me.

        1. I know it’s crazy like they all took a stupid pill and started farting their brains out their wazoos

      2. They are dingbat, airheaded, spacecadet AND, you are right, far too many Republicans don’t understand the Presidency isn’t a popularity contest! I would vote for somebody I despise personally IF he will work for America and bring the success DJT did!
        TRUMP 2024

  5. What a corrupt,lying,racist,sexualperv,china,iranian,russian,ukrainian,puppet traitor. This unfit,unstable,unhinged, blithering,idiot, is mentallyunfit to lead anything, especially our country.

    1. The real point that nobody REALLY talks about is not so much biden,but the dem-o-rat-ic party/big tech/media that combined/conspired to STEAL OUR ELECTION ! biden is just the puppet NOT the BRAIN’S of the steal.We as patriotic American’s should be hounding all those I’ve mentioned CONSTANTLY.DON’T LET UP,not for a second.If you love this country,want the best for yourself and our children, YOU MUST STAND UP and STAND FIRM -UNRELENTLY. You don’t win waiting for someone else to do it.It’s OUR DAMN government-SO OWN IT !

      1. ABSOLUTELY WELL SAID!!! I LIKE the way you use Capital Letters to EMPHASIZE!! They GET ATTENTION, which is what WE NEED TO DO to GET THINGS DONE!!!
        Some people with thin skins say I am SCREAMING at them, when I do that, but I am NOT!! I am EMPHASIZING!!! So they UNDERSTAND!!!

    2. And next in line is NOT ELIGIBLE V.P. USURPER KOMMIE HARRIS, SHE IS NOT NBC! Just like usurper Obama! All of them should be rounded up into prison, held without bail, tried and convicted for TREASON, Election Fraud, I.D. Fraud, etc. then deported to Siberia without shoes and socks and banished from USA forever!

  6. For anyone paying attention, the fact that joe won’t put in place sanctions for Russia, tells you everything you need to know.

    1. And it looks like Biden is going to remove at least part of the sanctions on Iran!

  7. Where is the FBI ! director Wray is a trader and Treason he let Muller investigation go on !! He new and held everything from American People and President Trump !
    Wray, Barr , John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and CIA director & agents and top leadership in Military are the deep state!! All working for US Chamber of Commerce, Big Tech, Bush family Globalist and Communist China Money.

  8. Although I earned TWO Master’s degrees I am not a genius – BUT – this sounds like a REAL Russian collusion to me.

  9. This idiot shuts down OUR pipeline so “we” are dependent on Russia shipping oil to be refined in Houston? THEN, he “O.K.”s the Russian pipeline to Europe? HOW MUCH DOES HE HATE AMERICA? Until “the public” rises up against this blithering idiot ,we’ll be sitting in gas lines like the Jimmy Carter era! Been there, done that & I don’t want to do it again! America can’t “rise up” like the French Revolution, BUT “WE” can put signs in our yards that “say”, “HOW DO YOU LIKE BIDEN NOW”?, as our gas prices rise, inflation @ the supermarkets, meds, taxes & you name it! WHO “REALLY” VOTED FOR THIS MORON , who can’t speak, hold press conferences & “screws” up an address @ the Coast Guard Academy Graduation? You”DO” realize that “this is” Obama 3.0 !

    1. Yep obummers 3rd term that’s why he moved down the street from the White House. We can talk till we are blue in the face until we stand up nothing will get done. And it’s only gonna get worse. Wait for the big boom on Independence Day

  10. So what else is new?
    The Biden crime syndicate has been in bed with evil for years.
    Does it really surprise anyone here that Joe joe is corrupted and protected by the Dem. syndicate. His son is also a prime example on how shameful and politically corrupt it is.
    Hunter should be in jail with BLM Marxist rioters, and antifa arsonist.
    In just 4 months this administration has supported the CCP virus and Russian economics.
    Now they are trying to stop funding to Israel because they have to protect themselves from Iranian aggression and their terrorist proxies like hamas.
    Hold on to your hats boys and girls, Mr. toads wild ride is going to get worse in America!

  11. That’s what Coke Head Joe has always done steal all he can steal to pay his drug dealer for the premium cocaine!

    1. They’re all in bed together with the Dems AND they are in a secret meeting right now plotting their next evil dirty deed!

  12. McConnell and McCarthy, dig in on this story, if it’s true, gather the evidence, bring it forth AND USE IT! Don’t be afraid, buck up and sling it in the faces of the dirty Dems just like they do to Republicans (even with it being lies and false accusations) every chance they get!
    The GOP will never be treated differently by the Dems until we give them some of their own treatment when we find they have done crimes or committed corrupt acts….they must be punished to the fullest extent! NO MORE MR. NICE GUYS! YOU MUST MAN/WOMAN UP! Your constituents are sick of weak spineless Republicans!


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