States With Extra Representatives Because Illegal Immigrants Are Counted


Illegal immigration is a major problem in the country and its effects are staggering. As many Americans know the number for representatives a state gets is determined by the state’s population, an issue has arisen with this because illegal immigrants are being counted as citizens and this is changing the electoral makeup of the country. Here are the states with extra representatives as a result of illegal immigration:

  1. Any representatives assigned due to ILLEGAL ALIENS are sitting in office ILLEGALLY. This has to be corrected asap. The USA is a nation of laws. We have IMMIGRATION LAWS.


    1. About half of the U.S. Congress would prefer to obey only the laws they agree with. You’re right, those are Democrats, and they explain the reasons for doing that by LYING. In fact you can usually count on Democrats to lie about anything they are discussing, as it has become their way of life.

    1. We don’t but we have them,,,thanks to the dems…They knew then and know now exactly what they r doing…With this so called virus being mysteriously connected to china,,,to whats happening in their own states / cities,,,to supporting these thuggery trash groups…All happening before the elections…Could they b anymore obvious at what they r so desperately trying to do ???….

      1. Annie
        Now why do you not inform the Republicans in high places of all this voter fraud when it seems like the only Republicans who are screaming about it could not prove any existed with their voter fraud panel and all the clout they had. Now why is the Republicans in high state offices not saying the same thing you are saying.

        1. They prove it frequently, and lots of officials and private citizens have been convicted for voter fraud. You need to improve the quality of the news you rely on.

    2. The main push for illegals is quite straight forward. Many liberals for the past few decades have been killing their offspring through abortion or opting not to have children. Good choice if you ask me. Natural selection at work. As a result their numbers have not been increasing much if any at all. Leftist liberalism really is an evolutionary dead-end. In time they would die off if not for indoctrination of new recruits via the public education and/or academia and illegal immigration.

  2. What can be done to stop this and also to take all illegal immigrants off the polls. They should also be liable
    for voting illegally. If they were given permission by political legislators, then THEY should be held liable
    with the laws now on the books. Legislators and even the Governor CANNOT make up their own laws to
    accommodate their desire to get more votes. Shame on them!

    1. Ester Rachwal
      Now why is Republican’s in high places in state governments not mentioning a word about voter fraud, now that is an easy answer, because there is actually no proof of any fraud for them to talk about just some will say anything with no proof to make others look bad.

      1. They prove it frequently, and lots of officials and private citizens have been convicted for voter fraud. You need to improve the quality of the news you rely on.

  3. I am voting by absentee ballot and am sending it in as soon as I get it to make sure my vote is counted however I am extremely upset that states like California will mail out illegal ballots that allow illegal immigrants to vote!! I saw that a ballot was mailed to someone’s cat!! Unbelievable! I am a True Trump Supporter and I pledge money when I can as I am on social Security and don’t always have money to send! I have sent money about 5 times I have bought two Trump Coins, received a Tee shirt and a bottle cozy Trump Nation! I feel bad that Don Jr. sends scolding texts to me because right now I am overdrawn in my bank account! I promise when I get my next check I will be able to contribute! But I don’t like to be hounded for money that I don’t have! I am made to feel ashamed that I’m not doing my part! President Trump you have my vote!

    1. Let’s not forget (true patriots don’t) that several years ago here in Commiefornia, the Demonrat state legislature passed a law that made issuing drivers licenses to illegals was mandatory. They said it was pushed by the automobile association and the automobile insurance companies to which us patriots waved a big BS flag. Within a year after that, voter registration was automatically tied to the department of motor vehicles, hence, you drive you vote. That is the only game that the DemonRats have, cheat cheat CHEAT in all elections. If we get a (D) President, and borders are opened in addition to widespread amnesty and citizenship for the border jumpers, in our lifetime we will never see another (R) elected to anything! How “F”ed up is that!??

      1. GEt together with 5 other California citizens. Prove that there are at least 1 illegal alien or non-citizen voting in each of your districts. Then sue in Federal Court stating that your vote has been diminished by the inclusion of foreign entities being allowed to vote within your state.
        You can only file regarding your FEDERAL VOTES not your state votes… other words United States Senate, Congress and President. Start with that. Then do it again with the school board, the beauty of that is that one might argue that the school board would LOSE ITS RIGHT TO TAX because foreign interests are controlling elections by illegal votes.

      2. LiberalTearsAreMyVictory
        Now I am over 80+ years old and have never known a state where anyone legal or illegal could not get a drivers license, Now how would international students or workers or visitors be denied a drivers license, now we have two types of Drivers license since 9/11 and the one which you have to have to vote has a star in the upper right hand corner, and to get that you have to prove citizenship in this USA, all others are provisional license which you can not even get on an airplane with let alone register to vote, now voter roles are frequently cross checked with drivers license and if found with out the proper license they are notified they are off the roles until they have proof of citizenship.

    2. Me too. Also on Social Security, with limited resources. I totally support Trump. Have already voted early. However am so tired of being scolded for not giving more or more often. . . And hounded, especially by Donald Jr, constantly to give more. I would if I could!

      1. Agree! Me too. Every day, I have a 1/2 dozen or more “scoldings”, “last chances”, etc. and right now I’m doing well to buy groceries and pay my bills! I have a Trump flag, Trump everything else, and don’t need more to lay around the house!

    3. EVERYONE, whether by mail of in person, should have to have a voter’s registration card WITH pic and should have to show either a birth certificate, SS Card or proof of citizenship to vote. This has gone on WAY too long!It’s probably been banned by now, but when I lived in NH, you had to pay a poll tax to vote. That prevented a lot of this stuff!!

        1. Finger print, voter ID cards or birth certificate along with drivers license anything we can do to stop this cheating game. Voter rolls are being checked for accuracy but obviously still won’t stop this illegal voting. If the people in these various states don’t follow the rules then these states should not be counted. States should not have the legal means to change our countries laws when it comes to citizenship, voting or trying to hide out in our country. Vote all Democrats out in November! VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

    4. Me too. I get 6-8 calls a day and 3-4 mail requests for donations. I’ve started deleting them and throwing the mail ones in the trash. I will never vote for any dumercrate. I don’t feel ashamed but I do believe most are fake requests.

    5. Lol…they send everybody the same email. BUT what gets me if u click on the button to donate like only $5…it turns into $50 or even more? Trump/Pence 2020!!.

    6. Well Linda, I’m kind of in the same boat as I’m sure many Trump supporters, so you just have to contribute what you can and ignore the rest. They understand that some of us can’t make huge donations, but they know who we are. I just have to be aware that this is part of the fundraising that is necessary and I really wish I could do more, just as you probably do also.

  4. This is how demonrats get votes, and take over districts with dominate demonrat districts. With all the illegals, gerrymandering districts in there favor. That how they always win, and create more goverment corruption. Time to stop that. Time to let the people vote for laws, not polititions! The’ve been walking all over people’s constitutional rights for years, and stupid people are bending over and taking in the azz, like good little sheeple ignoramouses!!!! Like this corona crap. Bet alot of demonrats polititions are in on this. This is Presidential sabatage of America and President Trump! Our economy was booming so good, the demonrats had to do something to stop our American people and President Trump for supporting American citizens. This mandate that these polititions are putting in place around America is as illegal as they come. NO ONE HAS THE THE POWER TO DO THAT EXCEPT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. SO EFF YOU POLITICAL A-HOLES!!!!!!! I WILL STOP GOING TO THOSE BUSINESSES FOREVER! TWO THINGS WHO ARE MY LEADERS, GOD AND PRESIDENT TRUMP. EVERYONE ELSE IS IRREVELENT TO ME! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND MAGA 2020!!!!!!!!!!👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Someone should aldo check New Jersey. I know for a fact that a group in north Jersey registered illegals to vote.

  6. With illegal voting by illegal immigrants we are turning into the 3rd and 4th world countries we work so hard at not becoming. And yet the young people who have become the marxist-democrat party patsies are running so hard toward this lifestyle they will never recover from.

  7. Those states, when proven, should lose 2 representatives for each one they gain fraudulently.

  8. America is being destroyed thanks to Democrats that hate a good simple honest life. It’s sad the young will never know how great America used to be.

  9. This crap will not happen! We have promises from God Himself and this has been confirmed! God is going to remove these mongrels from power! This ekection will cause even the radicals to shake their heads and be in shock! God says do not fear! He is in control and will not allow their cheating to prosper! All those who are christians need to poray and fast!

  10. There should be an executive order stating that any states that allow mail-in voting or illegals and non-citizens to vote should have their electoral votes canceled.

  11. I say deport ALL 50 to 60 million of them, ALL DACA, ALL those who over stay their visa, ALL STUDENTS, ALL refugees also must be sent home because we have made their nations safe enough for them to return to and fight for so they can make their nation great. We cannot take in the whole world and we should NOT. No one who is not a tenth generation immigrant who has been born here in America should be allowed to hold any state or federal office. All those who have entered America illegally should be informed that they will NEVER be allowed to become a US Citizen because they at one time entered illegally. All who want to become an American citizen must not only pass a strict history test; speak very good English; swear to uphold the US Constitution; defend America and forsake their former country,; not be allowed to vote until the tenth generation of their family has been born and raised here,; and pay all applicable taxes, fees, and charges to become a US Citizen; they MUST be able to support themselves and hold a steady job; NO sick individuals will be allowed to become US. citizens; there will be NO BIRTHER baby citizenship allowed retroactive to the year 1900; they MUST understand that should they take part in any riots against the Untied States their citizenship will be revoked permanently and they and their entire family and all extended family will be deported. If we don’t have rules on immigration we don’t have a nation AND these rules and laws MUST be enforced. Strict, yes, but you have to ask yourself, “Are you willing to give America away just because foreigners don’t want to stand up and fight to make their nations great places to live and seek to come here bringing their ethics, culture, habits, politics, beliefs, and etc with them?” I’m NOT.

  12. I have always opposed illegal voting. There have been US citizens that have been arrested for falsifying documentation, yet illegal are not. What is wrong here?

  13. Each U.S. and state Representative is supposed to represent the same number of U.S. citizens. Let’s say a district’s population is 50% illegal aliens and other non-citizens. Including non-citizens causes these problems.

    • Citizens in districts with 50% non-citizens have twice the representative power of a district with almost no non-citizens.
    • The district with non-citizens would get TWICE as much in aids, grants, and other government apportionments per citizen

    Ask yourself, which cities and districts benefit from this? Why sanctuary cities and other leftist communities that harbor law breakers of course. This just encourages the criminal activity that should be discouraged.

  14. Illegals must NEVER be allowed to vote in USA elections! Did I say never, let me say it again, NEVER!!!

    1. Illegal aliens should be en mass considered “persona non grata” and expelled. If they return they should face LONG prison sentences and then repatriation.
      This was done before, and illegals were given a number of days to leave the USA. They all left the USA. Look it up.

  15. Those states allowing illegals to be counted should be fined and any illegals’ names should be removed from any lists!

  16. These illegals need to be thrown out of office and sent back to their Country. We have Immigration Laws in the US and it is time that the libs enforce them, instead of sneaking them into an office that doesn’t belong to them. Stand up Republicans and start making a ruckus loud and strong.

    1. Certain elected representatives, like the Squad, have been violating their oaths of office and should be removed from the House. But Pelosi will never do that. But I’d bet that a Republican Speaker would. Vote only for Republicans and we can work on that.

  17. Now when the Constitution says all persons will be counted, and Amendments to that Constitution says nothing that is different in any way, I suppose according to the highest law in this USA then everyone will be counted and how will they know who is legal or illegal, I have done my census report and I see no way that anyone can tell if you are here legally or not. Now the bottom line to it all is that those illegals are a great asset, adding over $650 Billion tot he economy in 2018 the last year the GAO has any information on it, and at the same time adding over $40 BILLION to the Social security Trust Fund, and over $40 BILLION to IRS bank account, and i higher % of illegals own homes and businesses than do Americans and spend more money per capita than Americans, while according to the GAO costing the USA nothing in return.

  18. If the election was fair and honest Trump would win by a bigger margin than he did against Hillary. Voting by mail would be a total disaster. If it is allowed only verified votes should count but we don’t have it set up that way. There’s no master file to truly count the votes accurately. The Democrats cheat at everything they do, they’re Anti-America, they have no policy…NONE! Biden will never debate Trump. He’s not smart enough. He’s barely smart enough to take orders from the far left and just shut up and stay out of sight. Every time he opens his mouth he gaffs or he shows his hypocrisy from past remarks. I’d like to see his IQ. Most presidents have had fairly high IQs some 120 to 140. But Biden would fall under that spread. He’s like Mr Magoo. He has 2 good eyes but still can’t see. He would have no chance to win a debate against Trump even if he had an earpiece and the entire Democrat party fed him the answers. He is lost…like Mr Magoo…on his way somewhere from his basement…but he won’t show up for the debate. He’s scared, incompetent and has accomplished nothing in 50 years except a few quid pro quos.

  19. According to the Lieutenant Governor State of California,
    1/3 of States residents are illegal.

    That’s 12,000,000 people, so it’s not 6, but close to 24 congressperson

  20. Simple solution…Stop counting illegals. A state is only allowed the number of representatives that it is legally entitled to, based on the legal population numbers within that state. Where’s the rocket science in that???

  21. Illegal immigrants need to know the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is using them. They want to turn America into the same government they are escaping from. I hope they have enough sense not not to vote for this evil Party that wants to destroy America. They act like they have your best interest but what they want is to enslave you like they do black Americans with Complete dependency on them with no opportunity.


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