Trump Blasts Ronald Reagan Foundation After Fundraising Controversy

The White House via Wikimedia Commons


Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

President Trump took aim at an unusual target on Sunday: the foundation of the legendary Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Trump unleashed on the organization, along with former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the liberal Washington Post after the latter reported that the Reagan Foundation had requested that the Trump campaign cease using the former President’s image for fundraising purposes.

As The Hill reports:

President Trump lashed out at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute on Sunday following a report that it had requested the Trump campaign stop using former President Reagan’s name and image in fundraising.

Trump made the remarks in a tweet that also shared a post pointing out that the Reagan Foundation’s chairman, Frederick Ryan Jr., is the publisher and CEO of The Washington Post. In his tweet, Trump also hit Fox News over recent polls that have showed him trailing Joe Biden, his Democratic presidential rival…

The tweet came after the Post first reported that the foundation had called on Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) to stop using Reagan’s name and image.

The organization made its request last week after the Trump campaign had sent an email asking for a donation of $45 or more to enter to receive a “limited edition” set of two gold-colored coins that had images of Trump and Reagan.



Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

    1. Which son? Mike Reagan was adopted from his first wife, and his biological son by his second wife is the Azz.

  1. Why does the editor of the second most liberal rag in the country have anything at all to do with Ronald Reagan’s Foundation? Who makes these decisions and how has Washington become so infested with liberals whose agenda are almost always anti-American. They are very close to destroying our Republic and it appears that Donald Trump may be our last hope in fixing this mess. I don’t think he had any idea how deep the swamp was when he vowed to drain it. Another four years is probably not enough, so we had better start looking right now for President Trump’s successor. The very last thing we need is to go back to the next politician in line who has put in his/her time for the right to lead the party, or another kinder gentler conservative. What a joke that was.

    1. Washington has always been flooded with Liberal Constitution hating trash. Not what Lincoln did to. the press in the 1860’s.
      Demacrats have ruled; even from the KKK – Senatoe Ribeet Bird Geand Master – Pedophile, Himan Traficing, white Slavery. MK Ultra King pin for the CIA and all their drug dealings and a large number of.peope know this. It is no secret. The problem has always been control in the wrong hands.

  2. Someone better look into that Washington Post individual who is supposedly on the foundation for Ronald Reagan. That is a flagrant oxy-moron if ever there was an oxy-moron. Something is terribly wrong here. Washington Compost is the most Liberal Rag or Dog Manure Newspaper to inhabit the media mogul enterprises.

  3. These nut cases that are trying to bring America down are everywhere. Get your weapons for defense now. What makes Regan so great, all he managed for me is take away two thirds of my retirement.

  4. It was great that the President called out Fox News for their leftist fake suppression polls and specifically Paul RYANO. He was truly a useless and subversive POS. He specifically cost the GOP the house in 2018.

    1. Right, he did that. He was probably the most damaging RINO in Congress. Except for his getting nominees approved, McConnell is #2.

  5. Excuse me you stupid Dim idjits~~ Reagan was America’s President, we can use his name and image in any capacity we want to. He doesn’t belong to the WaPo puppy potty training rag, he doesn’t belong to the slimy Left, and he doesn’t belong to Paul Ryno and others like him. He belongs to the American people who appreciate him for what he did for us. Now Pres. Trump is carrying on that tradition of freedom-loving people and he has the same rights as the rest of us~~ we can use Pres. Reagan’s image and his legacy in any way we see fit. The Left is so far up George Soros’s wrinkled hind parts they cannot see the light of day. Good grief~~ I don’t ever use vulgar language like this but it’s time we started pushing back!!

  6. Whatever happened to the Reagan Foundation Board, that they elected Fred Ryan, Chairman? The Washington Post was (and is) a devoted enemy of Mr. Reagan and everything he stood for. I guess we can look for a great man’s legacy to be rubbished, now..

  7. Indeed the swamp tentacles are far reaching!!!!
    Lifer Politicians, and the game they play, are all about themselves and sticking it to those they dislike and helping those who help them…
    As for us…… they could care less!!!

  8. I saw a Lib making fun of the Republican base every time Trump ran or supported an issue. Back fired and got Trump elected. Never voted for the man and Trumpers might begin standing up straight, finally realizing they have been bent over. Stop writing here and write and call all your Reps instead. Find or come up with your own catch phrases and buzz words to throw around in public. Blood has been spilling for decades.

  9. How did a Leftist, Frederick Ryan Jr., the publisher and CEO of Jeff Bezo’s The Washington Post get to be Chairman of the Regan Foundation – those behind the foundation need to be ashamed.

  10. Liberals are a cancer that take over everything to destroy it good job President Trump I’m behind you 100%

  11. The new america culture that democrats envision is nothing but the socialis/comunist manifesto , they are antichristtian, anti law and order except their own, anti freedom of speech except their own .They are anti every thing that is good for the country.Sadly they get way with it because the main media along with the social media.if we do not stand up, the will suceed. get involve or we wll loose our country .start out by voting in this elections


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