Trump National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien Tests Positive For Covid-19

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons


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One of President Trump’s top national security advisors, Robert O’ Brien has now reportedly tested positive for Coronavirus.

As The Sun reports:

The official allegedly contracted the virus at a family event and has been isolating at home, sources told a Bloomberg reporter.


Back in May O’Brien slammed China for its handling of the virus.

“They unleashed a virus on the world that’s destroyed trillions of dollars in American economic wealth that we’re having to spend to keep our economy alive, to keep Americans afloat during this virus,” he told NBC.

O’Brien also said that Trump’s January 30 order placing travel restrictions on China was “profile in courage” that “saved countless lives.”

The new development comes only a few days after a cafeteria worker in the White House also tested positive for the virus.



Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

  1. Give O’Brian lots of Hydroxychloroquine. IT WORKS [in spite of what the leftists at WHO, FDA, NIH, CDC and $Bill Gates say. They WANT more deaths – shut down the country hoping they can defeat Trump. And FIRE that weenie armed hypocrite Dr. Anthony Fauci. What a joke HE is.

    1. Dr. Anthony the one I am waiting on to get it that pice of crap has changed his statements about this china virus that he helped the Chinese develop and spread over here bastard needs to be in jail for treason for how he has backstabbed Trump so many times

  2. If they used the Becton Dickinson Kit it is producing False Positives. Find out what kit they were using.

  3. Over 98.6% of people with Covid-19 recover. It is not a death sentence. Of course the Fake News Media has done a good job making people believe it is fatal.

  4. STOP IT!!! STOP…….with this FAKE PLANNEDemic!!!! It’s JUST A FLU!!!! Even though it was created in a US Lab……and THEN sold to a Chinese Lab……it is STILL JUST A FLU!!!! And because of the RESPONSE to the FLU; because of the crapping on our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and the trashing, ON PURPOSE, of our Economy and POTUS TRUMP GOING ALONG WITH ALL OF THE BS THEATER…….I will be voting for #PedoJoe!!
    Lets get the 2nd AMERICAN Revolution in FULL SWING!!! Time to FINISH this!! Trump is NOT on America’s side!!

  5. I continue to be confused. People take all these precautions and people still get this virus. How is it possible for a virus to remain dormant then somehow infect a person when this person takes all the steps to prevent getting this virus? I would like to know how all these people who have been self quarantining for five months got this virus in the first place when there was only one person exposed who spread it around in a nursing home in Washington State? People who have never mingled with a known infected person, yet out of the blue we have a case in Rural America. A virus that has a in-combated life time of fourteen days is now a virus that can infect a person months later? If the untested are carriers of this virus, how or when did they get this virus in first place? I seems to me that there had to be someone spreading around this virus way before the first know case of this virus. I have to question just how much do we really know about this virus and how much the government is willing to tell us? If this virus began in China, it had to have been spread by residences of China months before it became the pandemic we have today. How else can we explain why so many have this virus and do not know it?

  6. One question. What will Americans do when they find out they have been HAD by the communist dems. Does Covid 19 really exist? I have the strangest feeling come November 3rd 2020 there will be a miraculous CURE for the chinese virus! Covid ENDS after the election.

  7. So, after being quarantined for 10 days after the symptoms cease, he goes back to work, just like the CDC’s latest update says. What’s the big deal?


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