NATO – Poland Will Pay Majority of Costs for U.S. Troops

Petty Officer 3rd Class John Callahan via Wikimedia Commons

While critics of President Trump’s redeployment of U.S. troops in Europe continue to bash the moves, Poland is showing how a real ally behaves. While already fulfilling its NATO required 2% of GDP for defense spending, it has now also agreed to pay the majority of costs associated with stationing 5,500 U.S. troops at bases in Poland.

The ‘Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement’ between the two countries has essentially been agreed to but will not be signed for several weeks. Nevertheless, as part of a new security cooperation pact, Poland, according to Breaking Defense, “has agreed to take more U.S. forces, aircraft and drones while footing what is likely to be a hefty bill to build infrastructure for those forces as they flow in and out of the country on a rotational basis.”

More specifically notes Breaking Defense, Pentagon spokesperson, Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, said Warsaw “has agreed to fund infrastructure and logistical support to U.S. forces in Poland, including the current 4,500 rotational forces and the planned increase of 1,000 additional rotational forces.”

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While the final amount Poland will pay is not known yet, Breaking Defense noted that Poland has agreed to fully fund infrastructure for:

A command post of the Army’s V Corps headquarters

A U.S. division headquarters in Poland

A joint-use Combat Training Center in Drawsko Pomorskie, among other training locations

Facilities for an Air Force MQ-9 drone squadron

An aerial port of debarkation to support the movement of forces in and out of the country

Facilities to support special operations forces so they can conduct air, ground and maritime operations

Infrastructure for an armored brigade combat team, a combat aviation brigade, and a combat sustainment support battalion

The Trump administration has been prodding old U.S. allies in Asia to pay more of the costs of stationing tens of thousands of U.S. troops within their borders for decades – and complained that countries in Europe, such as Germany, do not meet the 2% defense spending required by NATO. America’s newer ally, Poland is showing that it is not one of those countries.

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    1. We have a great group of people of Polish descent living here for generations. Its good to see us helping people who have done much for America through their descendants in America.

  1. I looked at the list and basically it appears to be new infrastructure, including buildings and facilities. Are we to presume, they will also pay costs of covering their monthly pay?

  2. Poland has become a great ally since throwing the stranglehold of the USSR, a brutal totalitarian bloc led by Russia where Bernie Sanders honeymooned, Bill Clinton toured while he was supposed to be attending Oxford and Ted Kennedy solicited to help in trying to beat Reagan in the 1984 election. The USSR was a great friend to the Democrat politicians. Those who love freedom and liberty are should be grateful to Lech Walesa for sparking and leading the Polish revolt and inspiring others behind the Iron Curtain that were instrumental to the breakup of the USSR.

  3. Poles “have a pair.” Made of brass.
    Germans have a single, made of lederhosen material. (Leather.)
    French have a single too, made of Swiss Cheese.
    The rest together comprise a wobbly pair made of goat’s milk.

  4. The entire point of the US providing support for Germany and other Axis Powers was to assure that a return to the same ideologies that caused the continuation of WWI we know as WWII.
    The real issue is that US politicians somehow believe that the US paying for everything makes other countries beholden to he USA.
    A beggar on the street. Every day you walk by and give a buck. At holidays 5 or 10 bucks. At first the beggar is GRATEFUL and thinks highly of you. Later you keep giving every day and the beggar feels embarrassed by your a in what he is doing. I should have been done by 1955.

  5. Poland, You are a “Class Act”, Thank You for your commitment in helping preserving Freedom around the world!!

  6. Poland was victimized by both Germany and Russia and then subjected to degrading occupation by Russia for decades. Centuries ago, Poland saved Europe from being overrun by Islamic terrorists at the Second Siege of Vienna. Poland knows the essential value of national security better than any nation. A strong Christian Faith brought Poland through a bitter Russian Communist occupation and triggered the downfall of the Iron Curtain. They have no desire to repeat the experience. They will fight to The Death for their national freedom.


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