How a Fox News Star is Helping Trump’s Reelection

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Sean Hannity) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Sean Hannity is helping Trump’s reelection campaign with his latest book “Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink” which is currently #2 on Amazon’s best sellers list.

In a recent email from the Republican National Committee which says is “Authorized by Trump Headquarters” and signed by “Team Trump 2020” was offering “priority access” to signed copies of Hannity’s new book. The email said “President Trump has requested that we save one for YOU.”

For $75 dollar donation to the RNC, supporters could receive a copy of the book.

A spokesman for the RNC said it’s part of the committee’s “record-breaking fundraising efforts:

Steve Guest, a spokesperson for the RNC, told CNN, “The RNC regularly uses new books as part of our record-breaking fundraising efforts as we work to deliver victories across the country in November.”

Fox News has previously said that it does not allow its personalities to participate in campaign events with political candidates. But the network declined to comment and referred questions to Simon & Schuster when CNN Business pressed them about the two recent RNC emails.

This is not the first time Hannity has offered to help Trump.

In 2018, Hannity joined Trump on stage at a campaign rally after initially saying he would not join the rally (Per CNN):

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s final election rally, the Fox News host said he wouldn’t appear on stage with the President to help excite the Republican base before voters head to the polls Tuesday.

“To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the president,” Hannity tweeted Monday morning, adding that he would simply “be doing a live show” from the scene.

But, approximately 12 hours after Hannity posted his tweet, he was campaigning on stage with Trump in one of the clearest demonstrations yet of the cozy relationship between the network and the Trump White House.

Hannity said the appearance was unplanned but the President asked him to come on stage and he was so “honored by the president’s request” that he couldn’t turn him down.

Fox News was unhappy about the incident which went against network policies and said they do not “condone any talent participating in campaign events.”

    1. I would love for him to come to our home and eat some good beans and cornbread. We really love the guy!

          1. Steven……..Try the black beans from GOYA, ….delicious and I Am sure
            President Trump will it.

  1. The greatest landslide in American history is about to happen,and the dummycraps are about to be in the greatest melt down of all time. WAIT it’s all ove.

    1. Okay, I predict that if Quid Pro Joe steals the election (that’s the only way he will win) there will be blood shed in the streets. However, when Pres. Trump wins the election~~ there will also be blood shed in the streets. I see that fire arm purchases are up over 100% from this time last year. And the majority of buyers are black folks from the big, Dim-governed cities. They are trying to protect themselves from the rabid (S)BLM and Antifa bunch.

  2. As if the anchors and other so called journalists at MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC ( you name it, including the AP) are not supporting the Democrats. Give me a break. I realize bad behavior does not condone other bad behavior, but as Dementia Joe would say, “C’mon Man!”

    1. Threr’s not a “Journalists ” among any of the low life on air people on TV. They are Pathetic and uninformed. I doubt any have an Accredited Degree in Journalism.

  3. Hooray for Sean Hannity!! Fox News is wrong in their rules,k etc. Sean Hannity is one of their best hosts, along wqith Tucker and Laura! Hopefully they are ot dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot and do anything stupid to Sean!
    Right now Fox News Channel is the number one, top rated channel because of Sean, Tucker, Laura, Jusge Jeannine and Fox and Friends programs! would hate to see them go BOOM!!

    1. I agree, but now that Murdock’s kids are running the show, and Paul Ryno is on board, they may not care about high ratings as long as they can support their little god, Quid Pro Joe.

  4. Unfortunately there a few individuals like Hannity or Tucker Carlson who have the gonads to stand up for their principles in the media. Good for them for trying to keep the news fair, and trying to keep the good folks informed about the President’s righteousness.

  5. democratic party the party of hate, chaos and crime never before has this country seen such clear evidence of a party so devoted to their desire to destroy this country and all the good it stands for their leaders and a corrupt media wants power to destroy the freedoms that allows them to do what they do Biden says he stands for the middle class which is patently a lie under Biden their will be no middle class only the one percent at the top of a huge chasm of disenfranchised people with no freedoms and a subsistence level of existence


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