Trump’s Greatest Mainstream Media Moments

White House [Public Domain]

Before the mainstream media was out for blood when it came to Donald Trump they loved him and would welcome him on their shows and networks for anything and everything. He was a solid pick for any late-night show or early morning talk show until he ran against “her majesty” Hillary Clinton. These clips are a major wakeup call for anyone that thinks these elites are playing the same game they were playing back then, times have changed and if you are not standing with them you are their enemy. Here are the best Trump media appearances from before they hated him:

  1. Love, joy, peace, patience … is part of God’s gift to Biblical Believers and are not experienced or shown by those who hate God (refuse to accept as their personal Lord and Savior).
    Can anybody name a practicing Biblical Believer among the leadership of the Democrat party?

  2. Politicians and Follywood loved him because 1) he was a Democrat at that time and 2) He gave out money like it was candy. Many Politicians got on their knees and begged for Champaign money. Losers.

  3. Is it terribly naive to ask whatever happened to the Trump/HRC debate when Trump said if he was President she’d be in jail? I understand but it was a good thought. I get so tired and sick of hearing anything she says these days as if it’s worth repeating.

  4. Of the shows and hosts mentioned, only Leno would have him on now and Trump would be treated fairly. That always was Leno’s style when he was on the air, and I can’t see him changing. I’ve heard too many stories of how decent a person he is that I don’t believe he would do a 180 on Trump or anyone else.

  5. How everyone wanted to be his friend before he ever thought of being president, but once he ran they totally flipped their lids, and thought he could never win, against the stacked deck, against the most corrupt candidate, besides obummer, to ever run.The American people weren’t stupid enough to fall for that, our greatest help was the obummer.s, that got him elected, and we thank them again, for getting him re=elected.No one does it better than the race=baiting,divisive,hateful retoric, that spews out of their pie holes.THANKS

    1. Joe, what the hell are you saying? That Obama got Trump elected? Ordinary everyday Americans are what elected the Trumpster. Immigration, job loss , corrupt DC, failing economy, failing healthcare , high taxes, political elite bs those were the issues that only Trump dared to address and he will finish the fix in his next term. MAGA 2020

  6. Read the lyrics to rapper cardi b
    Hit rap song….
    She (or it) interviewed Biden this week and Biden’s daughter proclaimed her love and admiration for the s k a n k rapper.


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