Trump Signs Exec. Order, Fox News Star Helps Trump, Facebook Bans Pro-Trump Org., Pence Brings the Knives Out, New Polling

Trump Signs Unemployment Executive Order

Workers displaced by the coronavirus pandemic will be eligible for an additional $400 per week of unemployment benefits under one provision of a series of executive orders President Donald Trump signed Saturday.

Trump made the announcement as protracted negotiations between the White House and congressional Democrats have been unsuccessful in extending the benefits originally offered through the CARES Act.


Sean Hannity Helps Trump’s Reelection

Fox News host Sean Hannity is helping Trump’s reelection campaign with his latest book “Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink” which is currently #2 on Amazon’s best sellers list.

A recent email from the Republican National Committee which says is “Authorized by Trump Headquarters” and signed by “Team Trump 2020” was offering “priority access” to signed copies of Hannity’s new book. The email said, “President Trump has requested that we save one for YOU.”


Facebook Bans Ads from Pro-Trump Group

Facebook has banned ads from Pro-Trump Super PAC The Committee to Defend the President following an ad released by the Super PAC exposing Joe Biden’s “woke, race-driven VP selection process.”

Committee to Defend the President Chairman Ted Harvey has responded forcefully to the ban claiming that Facebook is “determined to restrict free speech and attack those who dare to support President Trump.


Pence Brings the Knives Out

Vice President Pence has spent three decades in public life selling his brand of orthodox Republicanism through calm and reserved gentility. He is conservative, he likes to say, but he is not angry about it.

But Pence, who once wrote an essay forswearing negative campaign tactics, has always harbored a sharper edge, an attack dog who only occasionally bares his fangs. And as polls show Pence’s boss trailing, the vice president has increasingly snapped at critics and even some erstwhile allies.


Biden Leading in New Battleground Poll

Late on election night 2016, it was Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that put Donald Trump over the top and into the White House, thanks to late-deciding voters who went his way, and big margins among people who wanted change.

Today, the vast majority of voters in these two states say things in the U.S. are going badly. They think Joe Biden would do a better job of handling coronavirus by significant margins, washing out any edge Mr. Trump has on the economy. And looking back now, relatively few voters in these states say the Trump presidency has been going as they expected — more say it’s gone worse than gone better.


  1. In case no one has noticed, FB and Twitter sucks toward pure communism, who looks in on these people to insure some balance of free speech, answer, NOBODY. We have feds and bureaucrats to observe all aspects of our lives, and yet the the liberal media runs wild with lies. Even Yahoo had discontinued ‘comments’, why, because they were all positive for Trump. The Supreme Court has trashed the Constitution, where does that leave us, the good patriots of America?

    1. The Supreme court was done the day they first put a woman on the seat as Judge! For all of you who will make light of this, call me names etc…STOP, I’ve heard it before, and Jimmy crack corn, I DON’T care! According to Exodus 18:21, from which our U.S.Constitution was formed, there are FOUR/4 Parameters for the seat as a Judge. Be it S.C or any other. #1. “Able MEN 2. MEN who FEAR God 3. MEN Hating Covetousness and 4. MEN of TRUTH. NOT one woman in the bunch! There is a reason why GOD did what HE did, and HE backed it up w/1 Tim 2:12/Titus 2:5/Proverbs 31:2KJV SEE what GOD said in Isa 3:12 KJV A woman is office or authority is OPPRESSION! READ IT, I didn’t say it, GOD wrote this thru Isaiah! NOT ME!!

  2. Some of these so called pools are bullshit, Trump is going crush Joe Biden real bad come Nov, unless Democrats do what they do best and that is cheat and lie 24-7 to have Joe Bonehead win the election

    1. That is because most people who run these polls are die hard, left-wing, Democrats. All anyone has to do is look at 2016, when the polls predicted Hillary was ahead in the polls. We all know what happened to Hillary. She is home making predicting that Democrats will win in 2020.

  3. Time to stop Twitter and face book from being a PAC with out registering. this illegal fine them $10 billion each

  4. When a minority gangs up on a president do they not realize that lying, denigrating, strategy of mendacity has never worked?

  5. Trump’s crushing racist,slo,dementia,joe everywhere, “come on man” “u know the thing” I am a racist,so what”, “u know the thing” now we have baloney, joe, and phoney kamala, this should get the votes for Trump.

  6. While I believe that we should all get out and vote, keep in mind that whosoever is in office is GOD Almighties doing! He alone says who will or will not be “ORDAINED” to the office of President/king, Prime minister etc etc all Principalities and powers are Ordained of GOD! See Romans 13:1/Psalms 75:6-7/Gal 1:16 KJV SO, D,Trump is in that office because it is ordained BY GOD! When The Lord is done w/him, he will be gone! NOT my decision or my vote! I trust the LORD! Psa 118:8 KJV


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