Democrat Representative Matt Cartwright Caught in Hypocritical Situation

Office of Congressman Brad Schnieder / Public domain

Democrat Representative Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania recently left off a million-dollar lake home and a price plane from his financial disclosures. A big oops for a man who is a fighter for the working people.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Cartwright, who represents Pennsylvania’s toss-up Eighth Congressional District, has for years omitted from his financial disclosures a limited liability company that owns his $180,000 private plane as well as a trust that holds a Lake George, N.Y., lake home valued at $1.35 million.

Neither the LLC, Archer Partners, nor the trust, the Hague Personal Residence Trust, have appeared on any of the annual disclosures Cartwright has filed since his election in 2012.

Members of Congress, political candidates, and high-level government employees are required to file annual financial disclosures to make public information that includes sources of income and assets. Rules mandate they divulge “information concerning each asset held in a trust” in which the politician, spouse, or a dependent child has a beneficial interest.

Contacted by the Washington Free Beacon, a spokesman for Cartwright said the congressman would be filing his new annual disclosure, which now shows assets valued between $100,000 and $250,000 in Archer Partners LLC and between $250,000 and $500,000 in the Hague Personal Residence Trust, of which Cartwright is a part-owner. The congressman also amended disclosures from prior years to include the LLC and trust.

Jim Bognet, a Republican and former member of the Trump administration is challenging Cartwright in the November 3rd election.


  2. Matt Cartwright represents my district. I voted for Teddy Daniels in the primaries. Looks like I’ll be voting for Bognet in the general. I didn’t vote for Cartwright last time either.

        1. You are exactly right. The political class in the U.S. NEVER get punished. Over and over we see information and facts that would result in a citizen being prosecuted and sent to prison. Never happens to the people in political office.

    1. Committing crimes and getting away with them is all globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media are good at .

      1. President Trump has complied with the law. He files his disclosure statement just as required. And, it actually tells more than the 1040.

    1. Trump emailed globalist $oro$ puppet, hiLIAR his tax returns, what did globalist $oro$ puppet, hiLIAR do with all those emails . . . . .

    2. Come on Tony, Trump isn’t hiding his Taxes he’s telling you to Take a Hike. His Taxes are NONE of your Business. It is a Courtesy . Matt commited Tax Fraud. He admitted it.

    3. You should be very upset that Obama had everything and stole money from American’s to fuel his Muslim Brotherhood of Destruction. Pelosi as well has been hiding assets. I can do this all day brother.

    4. Let’s address ignorance and stupidity so if nothing else to expose it. Donald J Trump didn’t hide or try to hide his taxes because it’s not a prerequisite for holding office as POTUS no matter what idiots say. However, it is a requirement to be born a U.S citizen and stands to reason to produce a bona fide certificate of birth accordingly instead of lying about it and never producing one to be put under tough scrutiny to be verified by (real) nonpartisan fact checkers! That seems a lot less intrusive (a true U.S. birth certificate) and certified a requirement of holding POTUS rather than private tax returns that if there were “issues” with your taxes the IRS would be all over you like stink on sh!t!!!!

    5. Trump is NOT required to disclose his taxes to anyone, NO ONE IS and legally where one has to file taxes they may not be released by any employee or other person because that is a FELONY. Just because a STATE passes a law that does not apply to every and all persons seeking any elected position, nor to its federal senators and congressmen (in other words it ONLY applied to TRUMP (POTUS), does not make it just or right or legal. IF any court says otherwise every justice involved needs to be disemboweled live then drawn and quartered.
      In fact that STATE should have a HUGE price to pay for attempting to overthrow the privacy of anyone and for using tax law to attempt to affect the VOTE.

    6. How do you know he is ? Let me guess CNN told you . Humm it’s got to be true because they and all Liberal news never tells a lie

  3. After youre in office you can just say “whoops”? He should be removed from office asap, he is a proven liar!

  4. ha ha ha … oh my goodness, another fine quality elected representative.
    way to go Matt, way to show the citizens of America you’re a real quality guy.

    1. globalist $oro$ puppet cartwright needs to show globalist $oro$ that globalist $oro$ puppet cartwright is a great criminal and is worth globalist $oro$ voter fraud re re appointing him .

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media demand our southern border open so that illegal criminal invaders continue to supply libby snow flakes with illegal drugs to keep them addicted and stupid and refuse to leave the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party plantation .

  5. Every globalist $oro$ puppet, democrat criminal party is a criminal and globalist $oro$ puppet; barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all those criminals .

  6. There is no such thing as an honest DEMONCRAT or RINO. These rotten SOB’s should rot well before they go to hell.

  7. And when is any action going to be taken against another demoSCUM criminal —- —– ——- that’s what I thought — never.

  8. Making “amendments” is not enough. If he violated the TRUST of the people and disclosure laws he should be summarily THROWN FROM OFFICE as a result. Anything less is absurd. I know that this is not written as the law, but remember HE is one of those that WRITE the LAW and let themselves have a pass.
    Time for the PEOPLE to consider rising up to end exemptions of law for lawmakers.

  9. Instead of worrying About Matt’s.I Believe You Should Be Looking At PELOSI’S.Talk About A Hippocrit.There Ain’t A Bigger One in The world than her.


  11. There is little doubt that their are two kinds of people in these United States. Those who are Political Correct and those who are not. Hillary Clinton is a prime example of these two Classes in America. Not only did she commit crimes many citizens would have gone to jail for, Comey also declared her Political Correct so she could run for President. This man falls into the Political Correct Class, thus he is protected. Lying on IRS tax forms is a crime. If the average Joe filed false tax forms they would be behind bars or at least heavily fined. He will get a slap on the wrist and like most Political Correct persons will continue to do what Political Correct people do. Being a Monopoly is frowned upon in America, but if you were to ask me I would say the Federal, State, and Local Governments may be the biggest Monopoly ever. They all feed on revenue from a common source( citizens) and control these citizens and get rich doing so. It should not cost so much to run for any office of government, but if you added up the cost of elections annually from all these different governments it will total well over a Billion dollars. Big government is a big money Monopoly fueled with citizens taxes. Do you see mass layoffs of people in government or getting a cut in their wages during any national disaster. Government can force citizens to accept less, while government employees get their check even if they do nothing but be political. Being political is big business. I can use Hilary Clinton as a prime example again. Hillary and Bill went into a life of public service and left this life as multi-millionaires and with million dollar homes or in Bill’s case a million dollar office. They never worked a real job, yet they got rich as politicians. Only in America can a Social Activist in Chicago become our US President and leave this Presidency a multi-millionaire. US Citizens are even paying these former politicians hefty pensions for public service. Four or six years of public office can get you a hefty pension for life. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? In order to get your full Social Security pension you have to acquire 20 years of employment and be over 62 years of age or have to file early because of a disability at a ten percent decrease of your pension. I worked 44 years, yet my pension could not even pay the taxes on a politicians pension. My big mistake was not getting a secure government job.

  12. So, he amends his financial records going back how many years, and it’s all good? This guy hid this stuff for years and you know damn well he did it intentionally and would have continued to do this until he lost his seat or retired. Just like any Democrat a hypocritical liar.


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