Taiwan’s President Praises Relationship With United States Under Trump

w:en:Presidential Office Building, Taiwan / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Taiwan’s president has praised the country’s relationship with the United States under President Trump, stating that the two countries have “never been closer.”

According to The Daily Wire:

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen praised the island nation’s relationship with the United States under the Trump administration, saying that the two nations have “never been closer.”

Tsai made the remarks during a speech she gave to the Hudson Institute on Wednesday, in which she highlighted the increasing threat that China poses to Taiwan.

“Taiwan has become a full-fledged democracy. Our 23 million people have the right to determine our own futures, which is antithesis to the position Beijing has taken,” Tsai said. “Consequently, we must ensure that cross-strait interactions do not jeopardize our freedoms, democracy, and way of life. The people of Taiwan expect nothing less from their democratically elected government.”

“Upholding these principles requires us to be able to defend Taiwan against coercive actions,” Tsai continued. “It entails backing up our words with actions. And this is precisely what I have in mind as I preside over the current round of capacity building of our military. I am pleased that working together with our legislature last year, we unveiled our largest ever defense budget, reaching 2.3% of our GDP. I fully expect that this number will continue to grow, but what will be equally important is ensuring that these resources are being spent on the right capabilities. This is why I am committed to accelerating the development of asymmetric capabilities under the overall defense concept.”

Tsai Ing-Wen stated that the military power of Taiwan is of the utmost importance because of the threat posed by the Chinese.

  1. Enough is enough. Lets hit dems and left with real bombs. ALL ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. ALL MUST PAY.

  2. Ahhhh, let’s see now. Deterrence is the issue here, in turning the Chicom attention to the problems with “assimilating” your country. So that means you will issue unregistered, untraceable firearms to anyone who will ask for one ? How about Swiss style near-universal issuance ? It would go a long way to making Taiwan a poison pill for the Chicoms to swallow.

    No ??? I thought not.

  3. We MUST protect Taiwan from China, we are already in war with China anyway, and Taiwan was always an ally for us.

  4. If only the rest of constituents from the left realize the two nation,s Taiwan and U.S. is so vital
    when speaking of democracy in perspective, but only to realize they’ve been consumed by there hatred towards our Pres. Trump. It’s not too late to wake bcc everybody up. Good for you, people of
    Taiwan , keep the freedom rings!

  5. The only ones in the world who really hate Trump are the commiecrats living right here on our own soil! The democrat party is an evil the likes of which this country has never seen before!

  6. Taiwan is a very good ally. I have been to Taiwan and they really like and support the U.S.A.

    The leaders of Taiwan know that Joe Biden and the Democrats would sell them out in a Cincinnati second. That is why they love and support our great President Donald J. Trump.

  7. If anyone reading this on here today is a Christian and/or believer then I ask that you do as I’m doing each and every day. Pray for division, confusion, and total chaos in the Demoncraps camp. Pray that they cannot get their acts together and that their hatred for President Trump and our Nation will blind them to any ways of prevailing against him. I want them to be so full of hatred that they eat each other. If they can’t get their acts together then just maybe enough Americans will turn against the Demoncrap party and vote for our President.

    1. Yes I do pray for America and Trump everyday, we are in a spiritual war and unfortunately more people need to realize it.

    2. but at the same time pray for their eternal souls confusion division destruction it is comming to them because of their evil but some can be saved and converted but I agree with you I haven’t been praying that way just been praying for the President but I think your on to something

  8. We have always looked out for Taiwan….hopefully Biden doesn’t have any relatives working on the island!!!

  9. I do wish we could quit calling the Left, Democrats’. Actually, the Left left the Democrat Party over 40 years ago. We should call them what they are, Socialists, Marists, Commies, etc. I prefer Commies but that may be too PC to be acceptable by the unformed/uneducated general public. As a real Democrat who has voted Republican for almost 50 years now (sometimes holding my nose over being forced to vote for Rinos), I feel we should be brave enough to speak the truth. And while on the subject, I hope everyone knows that while they may sometimes refer to themselves as Socialists, they are really either Commies or want-to-be Commies. Just thinking.

    1. Actually, the things I call Democraps can not be printed and I do agree with your assessment. Good point, and I too am getting pretty sick of the RHINO pukes we have floating around in our States and DC.

    2. Good for you, and hopefully you will cause others to do likewise. It seems that only a few of the old-time Democrats are smart enough to see what’s happened to the Democrat Party. Trump will likely be re-elected on the votes of the WALKAWAY group.

  10. Obama should be brought up for treason or aiding and abetting terrorism. The Iran deal, if it was ever really signed, was the cover for paying them 150 billion which was left on the tarmac in unmarked bills. HELLO!!! anybody listening? That’s BILLION not million!!! Maybe some people don’t realize how much money that is but I’ll try to explain it: If you put one hundred stacks of $10,000 on a pallet that pallet would have 1 million dollars on it. Now lets suppose you could fit 1000 pallets on half of a football field (equal to 1 Billion dollars) therefore you could put 2000 pallets on the entire field that would equal 2 Billion Dollars. The 150 Billion Obama gave to IRAN,the number one supporter of terrorism, would be an amount equal to 75 football fields stacked on top of one another. Each layer equal to 2 billion. Are you kidding me? That wasn’t his money. It was our tax dollars being given to one of the most corrupt countries in the world and it was used to support terrorism around the globe. As an American citizen I think that SUCKS!!! It’s not okay with me that my hard earned tax dollars were used this was? Follow the money. Did all the money really go to Iran or did some end up in an account that would be enough to buy a 15 dollar house in Martha’s Vineyard? What happened to (900 million)all that money in NY City? Did it really end up in Michelle Obama’s Foundation? WHAT? LOCK THEM UP!!!

  11. Taiwan the land of manufactured junk…..they better work on getting nuclear weapons because that’s the only way Taiwan will survive…should be easy for them…just steal a nuke and reverse engineer it like everything chinese.


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