Arrest Warrant Issued for Democrat Head of Virginia Senate

Craig via ( Wikipedia Commons

The Antifa-supporting Democrat politicians of Virginia are up for review! Louise Lucas was in attendance at the violent rally in the little town of Portsmouth, Virginia back in June where a particularly rabid Biden-supporter pulled a confederate statue down on his own head. 

She’s not alone – a school board member (what are they teaching you children?) and three public defenders (who we can definitely be sure are enforcing the law in an unbiased way) are also being charged. 

Lucas herself claims to have been there only briefly, but she was there long enough to be caught on video saying “the hell with City Council” who had attempted to guard the statue against vandalism, and reportedly told police that “people were going to… vandalize the statue and they were not to arrest them.” When the “protest” turned into a violent riot, she blamed the Portsmouth police and said the Chief of Police should resign.

Needless to say, both infamous Ralph Northam (current Virginia gov) and former governor Terry McAuliffe are both desperately clutching at their pearls, grasping at their handbags, and swooning in indignation at the whole thing. The local commonwealth prosecutor, Stephanie Morales, is reportedly not cooperating with Portsmouth PD. 

The daring police chief of Portsmouth willing to take a stand against these corrupt political hacks deserves a medal and a parade.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.


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