The Complete List Of RNC Speakers

White House [Public Domain]

The Republican National Convention is different this time around but it is still beating the Democrat National Convention in ratings.

One of the reasons for this is the list of exceptional speakers for the event. From criminal justice reform advocates, to rising GOP superstars, to religious leaders, the list is strong.

Every speaker who was slated to speak at the convention, or has already, are included in this list.

Even videos of some of the speaker’s speeches are included.

We hope you enjoy this list!

Here is the complete list of speakers at the Republican National Convention in the order that they have spoken and will be speaking in:

  1. I see no list. Lt General, nun, and a couple others stood above the rest. Right vs wrong. Good vs evil. Doers vs do nothings. Accomplishments vs perpetual failures. God vs ungodly. Were the main points tonight. Jedi vs sith, federation vs Borg, law and order vs chaos and anarchy. strength, personal responsibility, and choice vs weaknesses, irresponsibility, and no choice is the clear choice presented on November 3!
    I’m voting Trump again!

  2. There have been some really great speeches, but the main thing that has been lacking is the reminder to Democrats who would vote for Trump, that ALL the statements in the Democrat Convention about Trump were just plain LIES. The idea that Trump doesn’t know how to be President is absurd, as is the notion that Trump didn’t take prompt action to combat COVID-19. It’s just like in the Kavanaugh confirmation and Trump’s impeachment hearings, the Democrats LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Vote only for Republicans in November so Trump can continue draining the swamp. If he loses, our country will go down the drain instead.


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