Trump Makes Left Lose it When He Presides Over Naturalization Ceremony During the RNC

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President Trump incited a liberal meltdown when he presided over a naturalization ceremony during the Republican National Convention.

According to Town Hall:

If there was one moment from Tuesday’s Republican National Convention that sent liberals over the edge, it was during one of President Trump’s appearances with Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf when he oversaw a naturalization ceremony at the White House to highlight legal immigration to the United States.

Wolf gave the oath of allegiance to five individuals from Ghana, India, Sudan, Lebanon, and Bolivia as the president stood to the side and watched.

“You followed the rules, you obeyed the laws, you learned our history, embraced our values, and proved yourselves to be men and women of the highest integrity,” Trump said. “You’ve earned the most prized, treasured, cherished, and priceless possession anywhere in the world. It’s called American citizenship. There is no higher honor and no greater privilege. And it’s an honor for me to be your president.”

While conservatives described the ceremony as “brilliant” and “incredibly powerful,” the Left lost their collective minds.

Here is the White House’s official response regarding a Hatch Act violation:


  1. Wait one cotton picking, banana peeling, smoothie slurping moment. Are the Half-wit thinking party pissed because once again they are being trolled by America’s most apt choice for President. They’ve so much animosity towards one man that it has warped a whole society of liberal minded lunatics.


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