WATCH: These EPIC Speeches From GOP Underdogs

White House [Public Domain]

There have been many speakers at the RNC and several of them have been big-name superstars that regularly appear on major networks to give their take, today we want to highlight the underdogs. These are the men and women who don’t usually get the spotlight, but we feel deserve it. Their speeches went into the nitty-gritty of hot button issues and many of their stories are incredible and touch listeners on a very personal level. Here are the Underdog speeches from the RNC that you need to see:

  1. The speeches, underdog and others, were the most moving and varied testaments to the real Trump imaginable. No wonder the communists are heaping loads of BS on Trump, but their crude remarks are nothing but additional proof that the Democrat Party has no substance. They have proved that they do not deserve any place in our government. Vote only for Republicans, and if you have a favorite candidate you feel you must vote for, ask that person to switch parties.


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