Rush Limbaugh Blasts the Media for Downplaying Trump’s ‘Historic’ Peace in the Middle East Deal

White House [Public Domain]

Conservative host Rush Limbaugh lauded President Trump for his Middle East peace deal, a feat that no president before him has been able to accomplish, and slammed the media for downplaying the historic signing’s significance.  

Brokering a peace deal in the Middle East has been a political initiative for every White House Administration throughout Limbaugh’s entire life, “every new term has made Middle East peace an objective,” he said. “We’ve been working on this for 70 years, been going on the same way.”

He explained what Trump did differently than the administrations before him, using tactics that opposed advisor’s opinions. “For decades the experts did the same thing over and over,” Limbaugh stated. “It always involved deference to the Palestinians. Trump said, look, these are the people holding it up. They don’t want a deal, so I’m gonna go around ’em. And he did.” 

Limbaugh likened cutting out the Palestinians to attempting to create a civil rights agreement without involving Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. “And, lo and behold, it worked. We now have peace in the Middle East, and it’s just beginning.” 

On Tuesday, the President oversaw the signing of the deals between Israel and the countries Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The agreements will allow Muslims to visit Israel’s Islamic holy sites and involve establishing embassies, ambassador exchanges, and trade arrangements.     

After decades of division and conflict we mark the dawn of a new Middle East,” Trump said during the ceremony, noting that deals with five other countries were progressing.  

Limbaugh is dismayed that the media remained relatively silent about the peace deal. “Here in less than four years, Donald Trump has fixed a massive world problem. It’s literally stunning. And it will not be properly reported. It will not be given its due respect by the media and by the Washington establishment.”

The internet noticed the lack of coverage as well. Charlie Kirk called out the liberal media for caring more about “lack of social distancing and masks” at the ceremony, then the actual peace deal. 


Another user called out CNN directly for their “sickening fake news.”


@thebradfordfile criticized high profile Dems for remaining silent on social media.


Nancy Pelosi on the other hand completely dismissed the historic accord. “Good for him to have a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of the people that are dying from this virus only increases.”

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  1. If President Trump loses this election it will be because of the fake news media and their Democrat handlers who prefer to destroy America and what we stand for as a nation than to lose. The epitasis of the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the catastrophe of that play that takes place when they are ensconced in the White House. Deceit, duplicity, bumptious, belying, beguiling brinkmanship and furtive Machiavellian skulduggery will lead us further into socialist obfuscation of communism while the perfidy of the Muslim terrorists agenda seeps into our body politic to reach their ultimate goal as taught in the Koran – and that is definitely the entropy to America’s devolution.

    1. I personally think if Trump loses the election it will be more because of the mail in ballots disaster that will happen… with the voter fraud and all the other many issues that will come from it. It is what’s frightening me the most right now. I just don’t understand how mail in ballots is legal (and I’m not talking about “absentee ballots”).

  2. IMPORTANT: Please note that Harris is NOT eligible to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution taken from Vattel’s Law of Nations, as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth as they were in the US on a students visa.

    1. Kamala………..was born in Oakland, CA. Her parents, although not Citizens at the time, were here in the U.S. legally. So, what evidence do you have access to….that bars Kamala from either V.P. or President?
      I AM NOT A FAN OF KAMALA, I am just trying to find the section in the Constitution (my copy) …that limits Kamala (or anyone else) from the Offices of either V.P. or President, when the person running for Office …………are well proven to be born on U.S. soil.

    2. sorry, but it sounds like she was an anchor baby. That makes her eligible. Her parents aren’t running, she is.
      She is not qualified because she is a racist bigot and a certified idiot..

    3. But wasn’t she born in the United States? If so, then I think she WOULD be eligible to be VP or even president (of which I certainly hope she NEVER becomes VP or president).

  3. When the civil war starts and the two sides are tearing one another apart the media had better run for their lives because they were instrumental in causing the whole mess in the first place,their democrat cohorts are going to hang on the same hook right along side them.

  4. Hey all millennials out there, talk with your parents, grandparents, uncles & aunties and any elders in your families and friends about communism.

    And for your own sake, please read some history books before they are all burnt and destroyed.

    You all are being dooped into believing their empty false promises. 

    Look how old and useless biden, pelosi, schumar, clinton, obama really are. 
    Just look at them; every one of them are big time losers.
    AND THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR YOU … they are just using you.

  5. Does this surprise you?

    No tweets from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry to
    congratulate President Trump on the historic peace deals today.

    What do you expect from low lives like these losers? They are all democrats.

  6. We have no “MEDIA” in this country anymore. What we have is the Democrat Political Party’s propaganda machine trying to pass themselves off as the “Media”.

    The clowns on television passing themselves off as “reporters or news casters” are disgusting hypocrites. All they do is give us their opinions or their dishonest talking points.

    President Trump 2020 – Keep America Great!

  7. The leftist media ignore all the good thing the President accomplishes. If they supported rather than hindered the President’s agenda, we as a country would be much further ahead. Their day will come.

  8. The media is so socialist it isn’t funny. They won’t give President Trump his do no matter what he does. I wish he would quit talking to them, their heads would be exploding all over the world. But just think Biden gets elected, Kamala gives the orders, TV and Radio and Internet and other forms of communication become state own and operated and all the sleaze bags are now out of work and broke.

  9. Has anyone noticed that the Slimy MSM isn’t printing out the ages of the Americans dying of Covis,that is IF that’s what they actually died of. I’ve read that the Hospitals get more money if Clovis in on the Death certificate even if it wasn’t the case.


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