SHOCK POLL: Trump Takes the LEAD

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump has been gaining strength as Joe Biden flounders and a new Rasmussen poll shows that the country is paying attention. For the first time, this election President Trump has taken the lead against Joe Biden nationally.

Rasmussen showed that President Trump holds a 1 point lead over Joe Biden nationally. 47 to 46.

Rasmussen tweeted:

Politics and Polls tweeted our the numbers:

The lead is statistically insignificant and is within the margin of error but this is the first time President Trump has been ahead nationally.

Rasmussen began the polls at the beginning of July and this is the first time President Trump bested Biden who held a 2 percentage point lead, last week.

New job approval numbers were also released with President Trump reaching his highest job approval numbers since February.

The national lead over Biden and the increased job approval numbers come as the President has presided over the historic Middle East Peace Deal, removed troops from the Middle East, announced an imminent vaccine for COVID, and guided the economy through a major downturn.

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      1. The Nobel peace prize has been forever tarnished by the award to an illegally vetted, illegitimately verified qualifications for office, Marxist trained subversive half black, for something not accomplished. I would say: “No thanks” if I were president Trump.

    1. If Obama got one, then the Nobel Peace prize is just garbage. Who cares if the great 45 gets one. He already has the biggest prize, our hearts.

      1. Oh, I don’t know. With Soros’ help and the Demonrat, aka Communists, he did some damage to the country while clowns like Ryan and McConnell sat back and watched. Meaning they’re as much to blame.

    1. True That! It pisses me off every time they say the Silent Trump Majority voter is only like 1% error. Back in 2016 we were harassed by Obama’s DNC operative $1200 per Rally PAID THUGS to get there at 6AM to be in the front and start fights to BLAME on US. Also our signs were stolen and cars keyed and told not to discuss at Work. FAST FORWARD to 2020, Black Trump supporter KILLED in WI, Our RNC Convention Attendees including Senator Rand Paul and Wife four policemen with bikes held up between them and ANOTHER Leftist attack (his wonderful leftist looney NEIGHBOR attacked him mowing the yard and ruined his lungs and broke ribs). And BLM with ANTIFA everywhere, and getting FIRED or DEFAMED and CANCELLED like our MAGA Kid who sued CNN ect and won.
      My point is WHO in their right mind would TELL a Dimmocrat Pollster their voting position, when they can reverse look up your personal info. Rush is talking right now about the Hidden Trump voters 63% who have seen violent protests in their area are for TRUMP.

      1. I believe we may see a final vote tally somewhat close to that of the 1984 election, and the President will come up with 57% to 58% of the total popular vote.

      2. Absolutely the truth. The difference between Republicans and Democrats are Republicans are hard working, peaceful, highly civil Americans. The Democrats destroy other people’s property, harm Americans, don’t value the Constitution. Trump is going to win by a landslide. Bet on it.

      3. Democrats are attempting to create voter suppression through intimidation and fear among those who would vote for Trump. It is not going to work.

    2. Like I said, if Biden is not up by 40 points on these idiotic polls on November 2, it’s a landslide for Trump.
      I wonder if that fat one with glasses will be screaming to the ski again. I sure missed the whining by the left.

    3. i’ve only been polled 6 times in my life and i alwasys tell them i’m voting for the democrat! but in truth i always vote republican just to screw their polls up.cnn taught me how to lie!

    4. not me as i’ve only been polled 6 times in my life and i always say i’m voting democrat.but i always vote red as i like to screw their polls up.learned to lie from cnn!

  1. Polls are very misleading, I do not trust polls! Remember in the last election the polls had Hillary winning the race? President Donald Trump will be re-elected with a LANDSLIDE , no matter what the new communist/ socialist party may say or do. This President is the one that Yahweh God will give again, this position of authority, to His chosen one, President Trump!

  2. It astounds me that there are democommunist voters in this day. It bolsters the fact that the most dangerous thing to our liberty is ‘ignorance’.

    1. I’m with you brother, we won’t be fooled again! Stay locked and loaded should the shit for brains liberals create anarchy after the Trumpster’s landslide victory! Molon Labe…

  3. I really don’t understand how anyone could support Biden, except literally to keep him from falling down. Even putting politics aside, there are socialists such as Sanders who at least have all their faculties functioning. At the same time, they have as much hatred for the president and his policies as Biden and his followers have. This hatred and the desire to overthrow our government as we know it is the only thing uniting the Democrats.

  4. I believe Pres. Trump will win by a landslide. That being said, the Dims are going to “find” warehouses full of ballots just waiting to be counted. They probably won’t have any bearing on the Presidential election, but they will try every way they can to steal the House and the Senate. It’s going to be a nasty fight any way you look at it.

    1. Oh please don’t compare them to animals. Animals serve a purpose. Biden-Harris are idiots which is what it takes to be a leftist demorat.

  5. I do my own polling by checking out yard signs in my state and others. I’m proud to say President Trump has about a 12 to 1 advantage in the number of signs.TRUMP 2020

  6. My style is to seek for facts and truth, I thought everyone would vote on that basis. I am wrong misinformation is ramped and the winner just may be the one that is the biggest lier. John Wayne said you can’t fix stupid. Oh I forgot “they cancelled him JW”

  7. Two thoughts.

    1. Why do these polls measure popular vote or sentiment? That’s NOT how we elect Presidents??? In other words, these polls mean little to nothing.
    2. Knowing that California and New York will have 5 million or more votes for Democrats, it’s hard to square the Pew numbers with other polls like the ABC poll showing 10-15% leads for Biden in some battleground states. They just don’t square.
  8. Nov. 4, 2020..
    Pres. Trump – 400 electoral votes
    Joe Biden – 138 electoral votes
    Well Wolf it looks like those mail-in votes won’t change the outcome.
    I’m afraid so Anderson.

  9. I want the Democrats to loose every election selection ! But I will be satisfied if they loose only 25% ! I’m voting a STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET !
    President Trump all the way and he brings every one along with him !

  10. The lamestream news have been aggressive in their efforts to shape public opinion instead of reflect public opinion. My fellow Patriots and I are all aboard the Trump Train! MAGA 2020

  11. I knew it!! I never believed those polls anyway–I mean Joe Biden-really??
    the American people can’t be that stupid or just plain ignorant!!!

  12. Considering Biden’s condition and Harris’s proclivities I don’t know why it should event be so close. Trump should be way out in front. Easily at least 75% of the people I speak to say they for voting for Trump.

  13. The dummycraps,lame street media, hidenbiden, are scared to death because they know Trump is actually leading every where, senile,old fool, slo,joe keeps sticking his foot down his throat, the guy is so pathetic, he can’t even read a telepromter right,and u want this nincompoop to be our president,ya, right on another planet,like mars.

  14. My ten thoughts:

    1. People are fickle, but they do tend to vote in what they perceive to be their best interest.
    2. The “BLM” and “Antifa” mobs are anarchists and must be treated as the domestic terrorists, traitors and enemies of the nation that they are.
    3. Those terrorists who have murdered, raped, looted, committed arson causing massive damage, and other serious crimes need to be found, arrested, tried and when convicted, executed — preferably by a public hanging.
    4. The communist party and the Democratic Party need to be banned, criminalized and replaced by any organization that will truly be “loyal opposition.” (Elimination of the Democratic Party SHOULD have happened after the (first) Civil War. It didn’t. Too bad.)
    5. The rioters who committed lesser crimes need to be identified, arrested, tried and if convicted, sentenced to work camps to repair the damage they have inflicted.
    6. Public schools need to be defunded with the money they otherwise would receive going to “vouchers” for parents to use to send their children to private schools, or use for home schooling.
    7. “Concealed carry” of defensive weapons must be implemented nation-wide with 2nd amendment rights trumping any state or municipal restrictions.
    8. Designate all law enforcement personnel as “adjunct federal officers” with any assault or murder of them being a federal crime.
    9. Withhold a like amount of federal funding from any state or municipality which defunds its law enforcement agencies, especially as diverting such funds to “other uses.”
    10. Require identification to vote, and void those ballots returned by mail from states that implemented universal vote-by-mail protocol, absentee ballots excepted.
  15. Don’t forget, There are many of us who keep our choices to ourselves. Much like the concealed carrier in an open carry state. My business is my business. Why make oneself a target for Stupidity

  16. TYhe PROBLEM will be all of the “mail-in” ballots that will be overflowing the entire nation and no-one knows where they came from, this IS a TRULY scary situation for conservatives that needs to be SHUT DOWN, PERIOD!


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